Cape Town is a city that is known for breath-taking scenery, cultural diversity, and rich history. The vibrancy of Cape Town creates the ideal backdrop for the creation and curation of inspiring local and international art. Wander the white cubes, outdoor exhibitions, and historical buildings of our highlighted Cape Town art galleries to uncover the inspiring artistic creations that you can admire or acquire. Louw Roets designer furniture Cape Town will be the sophisticated balance to your curated collection of local art in your home.



Cape Town is an artist hub that highlights artists from varying backgrounds who explore the wonders and trials of existence through daring mediums. The diversity of Cape Town art galleries ensures that no matter your artistic inclinations, you are sure to feel inspired by the local talent and international acclaim of the represented artists. We highlight our top seven Cape Town art galleries to celebrate the talents of artists and the glorious curation of these galleries.


The Iziko South African National Gallery is a Company’s Garden-based art gallery that has on display collections of contemporary, modern, and historical art stemming from South Africa and abroad. The Iziko South African National Gallery is managed by the Iziko Museums of South Africa, a collection of cultural institutions that aim to magnify South African art and culture. At the Iziko South African National Gallery, you will find continuously changing exhibitions highlighting contemporary local talent to historical international artworks.

One of the notable exhibitions currently on show is Framing Landscape: ‘the Picturesque’ and ‘the Sublime’. You are invited to explore the two landscape modes that emerged in Europe and South Africa between 1600 to 1800. The picturesque landscape artists created paintings that demonstrate representations of nature as idyllic and pleasurable, whereas the sublime landscapes focus on demonstrating the awe-inspiring power and fervent changing of nature. Both will ignite a swirling of emotions as you observe the brushstrokes.


The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) is an expansive contemporary art gallery housing artworks created by both local and dispersed African artists. The Zeitz MOCAA exhibitions include both permanent collections and temporary showings, allowing you to be mesmerised by the ever-changing art displays on every visit to this art gallery. Crafted by the Zeitz Foundation, the Zeitz MOCAA has established itself as a prestigious Cape Town cultural exhibition that elevates emerging African artists.

Not only does the Zeitz MOCAA contain works of art, but the building itself is a demonstration of creative ingenuity. With the stunning V&A Waterfront as the backdrop, you will find the Zeitz MOCAA situated within the restored Cape Town Silo’s. Glass, metal, and concrete merge in a contemporary architectural display that performs as the perfect prelude to the contemporary artistic designs held within the space. Inspiration begins the moment you arrive at the entranceway to the Zeitz MOCAA.



The Cape Gallery houses an extensive array of inspiring South African and international art pieces crafted from a variety of textural mediums. The Cape Gallery is dedicated to upholding the historical roots of South African painting, which focused predominantly on love for natural settings. You will find both historical and contemporary depictions of flora, fauna, and topography hung on the walls of this art gallery, making The Cape Gallery a natural art lover’s paradise.

The historical essence of The Cape Gallery is echoed in the location of this esteemed art gallery. Based at Church Street, you will find The Cape Gallery situated between bright Georgian and Dutch architecture dating back to the 1700s. Alongside its historical focus, The Cape Gallery is moving forward with current South African art as the art gallery has recently incorporated African street art into its collection. Emerge yourself in the respectful meshing of the old and the new in the art on display at The Cape Gallery.


The Barnard Gallery, founded by Christiaan Barnard, is a contemporary art gallery based in Newlands. The sleek and modern gallery offers an ideal backdrop to the bold and thought-provoking contemporary art pieces created by a range of African and European artists. The Barnard Gallery has elevated itself to a prestigious position both locally and abroad, and you are destined to be in awe of the carefully curated pieces represented by this art gallery.

The Barnard Gallery holds continuously evolving exhibitions that highlight the ever-changing nature of artistic practices and social commentary. Currently on display at the Barnard Gallery is the Abstract_ed exhibition, which involves a vast array of local and international artists exploring the concept of abstraction. Through form and colour, you will be inspired by the diverse artistic perspectives and perceptions of abstraction.



The Everard Read Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that represents both local and international artists. Since 1996, Everard Read Gallery has been dedicated to the exposure and upliftment of fine contemporary artists. The Everard Read Gallery space blends modern architectural finishes with historical elements to craft a harmonious setting for the unique curated collection of art.

A notable expansion to the Everard Read Gallery is the intertwining of the CIRCA Gallery. What was once an office building has been transformed into a glorious gallery space that houses temporary art exhibitions that are in line with the ethos and style of the Everard Read Gallery. The CIRCA Gallery is home to an outdoor sculptural garden, allowing you to admire both the sculptural creations and the V&A Waterfront setting of this prized art gallery.


Diversity, artistic talent, and an international vision merge at Eclectica Contemporary art gallery. Eclectica Contemporary allows you to experience the curated collection of African artists who push the boundaries concerning technique, mediums, and representation. You will find the inspiring and challenging works of Nedia Were, Cobus Haupt, Sue Greeff, Loyiso Mkize, and other reputable artists within the walls of Eclectica Contemporary.

Eclectica Contemporary exhibitions are a conscious collection of solo and group shows. The exhibitions continuously change to highlight new artists and to explore or provoke current art trends. Eclectica Contemporary is dedicated to unearthing global issues through art, which forms the focus of every temporary art exhibition.


The Goodman Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that has gained the reputation of shaping contemporary South African art. Based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and London, you will uncover art that confronts dominant historical understandings. The artistic focus of the Goodman Gallery is to exhibit art that challenges power structures and aims to inspire shifts in social understandings.

The Goodman Gallery houses South African, African, and international artists. A few notable artists that have been involved in the ever-changing exhibitions at the Goodman Gallery include Han Willis Thomas, Kapwani Kiwanga, and Grada Kilomba. International artists are selected on the conversation their art has regarding Africa and post-colonial contexts.

The Goodman Gallery is dedicated to artistic and social upliftment. During the Apartheid Era, the Goodman Gallery brought many under-represented South African artists to the world stage. Today, the Goodman Gallery embraces the artistic works of many women from Africa and its diaspora. The Goodman Gallery is also involved with numerous charities that are dedicated to community improvement. If you are looking for a space that will not only offer you an exhibition of inspiring art but also encourage you to reflect on your own social and cultural positioning, the Goodman Gallery is the ideal space.



Visiting a Cape Town art gallery can be the moment a dynamic romance begins between you and a piece of local art. Whether the sweeping movement of an abstract piece ignites your soul or an oil landscape captures a picturesque moment of your childhood, there can be no greater experience than discovering an artwork that inspires an emotional connection.

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