The quintessential South African holiday is a safari experience with friends or family. With so many breath-taking and untamed game reserves to choose between, you are spoilt for choice with South African game parks. Combine wild and rugged safari game drives with luxury accommodation to safari in style at our top five South African game parks. Bring your wildlife encounter stories and captured memories home to sophistication and comfort with Louw Roets luxury furniture.


Nothing truly captures the essence of South Africa like spending an afternoon in the backseat of a Safari game vehicle and stopping to admire throngs of antelope or a half-hidden leopard in the thicket. With the setting sun as your backdrop and a crisp glass of gin and tonic in your hand, you will undoubtedly feel mesmerised by the golden landscape of South Africa. We have highlighted our top five South African game parks where you can be enthralled by the wildlife and relax at luxury accommodation.


Phinda Game Reserve, nestled in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, is an exemplary setting for you to safari in style. This game reserve is home to seven distinct habitats which include woodlands, wetlands, grasslands, dunes, and forests, ensuring unique experiences and a plethora of wildlife encounters. Stop the drive for rhino, sit side-by-side with an elephant herd, and try to spot the big cats camouflaged in the bush at Phinda Game Reserve.


Phinda Game Reserve is a bird-lovers paradise with over 380 bird species, including the rare Neergaard’s Sunbird. You can also step out of your comfort zone and see Phinda Game Reserve from the wildlife’s perspective with guided walks through the game reserve.

Phinda Rock Lodge is the location for the blending of luxurious accommodation with untamed wilderness as the backdrop. Phinda Rock Lodge offers six thatched luxury suites that allow you to game-view from your private deck. Watch the sunset whilst cooling off in your intimate plunge pool surrounded by dancing candlelight in this superb slice of South Africa. For underwater wildlife experiences, scuba-diving with sharks can be arranged whilst you stay at Phinda Rock Lodge.



The Kruger National Park is the game reserve South African’s immediately think of when considering a safari holiday. The Kruger National Park boasts over two million hectares of game reserve, allowing you to wander freely around this impressive safari destination. Home to the Big Five, painted wolves (wild dog), hippo, and a wide array of birds, you will leave Kruger National Park with exceptional wildlife experiences.

If you are searching for luxury accommodation intertwined with South African history in the Kruger National Park, Jock Safari Lodge is the perfect space for sun-soaked sophistication and a cultural narrative. Jock Safari Lodge was developed by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, the South African household author of Jock of the Bushveld. Jock Safari Lodge intertwines the elegance of colonial design with touches of Zulu and Shangaan culture to evoke an authentically South African style.

At any of the twelve luxury suites at Jock Safari Lodge, you can enjoy intimacy and sweeping views of the river and bushveld. Step out of your airconditioned suite into the dry heat and spend your afternoon lounging on your Sala (daybed) with a cocktail in hand or take a dip into your plunge pool on your private deck. Enjoy game drives with experienced rangers, guided bird watching, and golf at Leopard Creek whilst staying at Jock Safari Lodge.



Sabi Sands Game Reserve, which borders Kruger National Park in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga, has become known as an impressive safari destination. At 65 000 hectares, you are assured to have unmatched encounters with wildlife at Sabi Sands Game Reserve. For the avid safari enthusiast who has yet to witness the elusive leopard in person, Sabi Sands Game Reserve will provide you with prolific encounters. Become mesmerised by the bush and wildlife at the glorious Sabi Sands Game Reserve setting.

Ideally located within the greater Sabi Sands Game Reserve are eight private game reserves. The Mala Mala, Sabi Sabi, Singita, Dulini, Djuma, Lion Sands, Londolozi, and Ulusaba private game reserves offer intimate experiences of the wildlife that are found in Sabi Sands Game Reserve. Each private game reserve offers exemplary luxury accommodation to allow you to safari in style.

One such luxury accommodation in Sabi Sands Game Reserve is located in the Sabi Sabi private game reserve. Unique in design to any luxury bush accommodation, the sophisticated and ethereal Earth Lodge holds thirteen ultra-luxury suites. Each suite is sculptured into the rock, while still ensuring that light and expansive space will engage your senses with floor-to-ceiling glass panelling. The architectural innovation of Earth Lodge allows this luxury accommodation to elegantly blend into the beauty and texture of the South African landscape.



Kapama Game Reserve boasts magnificent views and unbeaten sightings of wildlife in their natural habitat. From lions to elephants to the notoriously dangerous “dagga boys” (buffalo), you can encounter the enthralling collection of the Big 5 at Kapama Game Reserve. This 15 000 hectare game reserve is easily accessed from Cape Town as guests can fly directly to the Kapama private airfield from OR Tambo. Kapama Game Reserve provides a sanctuary for wildlife photographers with a two-day guided photographer workshop.

Kapama Karula Lodge will provide you with an opulent and elegant accommodation experience. The twelve superior suites offer a private pool, outdoor shower, and panoramic views of the Klaserie River through glass panels that encase your suite. Kapama Karula Lodge is perfectly suited to wintertime safari experiences as you can return to your luxury lodge and spend the evening around a fireplace whilst sipping Champagne.


An absolute must for South African safari experiences is a visit to the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve. What was previously two separate game reserves has merged into one expansive wildlife sanctuary in this KwaZulu-Natal-based game park. Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve is home to the Big 5, while also offering sightings of giraffe, zebra, painted wolf, and other wildlife.

Driving along the dusty roads of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve whilst on a guided game drive will expose you to the raw beauty of the oldest game park in Africa. The game park was established in the 1890s as a sanctuary for white rhinos which were on the brink of extinction. Today, you will encounter healthy populations of both black and white rhino as a result of the conservation efforts of this esteemed game park. Allow yourself a glimpse into the life of a rhino as you see a mother and baby in a mud-bath along the roadside or a male rhino trundling effortlessly through the dense thicket at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve.

The cultural heritage of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve is equally respected in this impressive game park. As a previous hunting ground for King Shaka and his family, the Zulu culture can be appreciated at the Centenary Centre. Locally made curios will make for the perfect piece of Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve to take home with you.

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge provides you with exclusive luxury in amongst the wild and mountainous landscape. Comfort and sophistication merge at the Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge’s four suites. The contemporary design is aimed at bringing nature indoors with texture and warm tones that are balanced against the sweeping surrounding wilderness. Boasting a prestigious 4-Star rating, Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge will elevate your safari experience with guided game drives, a private pool, and exclusivity in your stylish suite.



After a weekend of unmatched wildlife moments and glorious luxury accommodation, you will return home sun-kissed and glowing from the experience and relaxation. The luxury of your holiday on Safari does not have to end at the border of your selected South African game park. Louw Roets luxury furniture will imbue sophistication and elegance into your home and transform your space into a sanctuary you will feel elated to return home to.

Louw Roets is a local manufacturer and designer of luxury furniture. We draw inspiration from international designs while instilling the simplicity, beauty, and functionality that is inherent in South African style. Guided by our love for local, Louw Roets luxury furniture will be the perfect addition to your collection of proudly South African pieces.

A safari experience at any of the South African game reserves will surround you with natural landscapes and scenery characterised by tawny stones, tan Acacia trees, and hues of green dappled by sunlight. Louw Roets luxury furniture is composed out of natural materials to evoke an authenticity to the glorious and organic settings of South Africa. Our wooden luxury furniture, which spreads across the spectrum of subtle bone to moody ebony, will ensure the perfect range of South African warmth and nature to instil into the colour palette of your home.


Louw Roets luxury furniture is crafted to enhance the comfort and elegance of your home. Your weekend of relaxation and luxury in the highly acclaimed lodges of South African game reserves will be immediately reflected in your Louw Roets luxury furniture in your home. Return home from safari and sink into the sophisticated comfort of a Louw Roets luxury furniture piece and begin recounting your tales of being charged by elephants or watching a cheetah sprint off into the distance.


Louw Roets luxury furniture is crafted by a collection of artisan craftsmen. Louw Roets luxury furniture achieves an elegant and comfortable style as a result of the passion and dedication to practical and sophisticated design inherent in each Louw Roets craftsman. Luxury furniture that is honest, beautiful, and essentially South African would not become an integral part of your home without our invaluable craftsmen.

The beauty and balance of the towering Marula trees, rhizomatic wildlife, and the glorious heights of bush-covered hilltops were not transformed into the essential South African safari scenes in a day. Louw Roets luxury furniture elevates furniture through only practising a slow manufacturing practice. Our dedication to crafting luxury furniture that will withstand the tests of time translates into boutique manufacturing where we provide each furniture piece with the time and care it requires.

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Explore some of the best South African game parks in style on safari and return home to sophistication and comfort with Louw Roets luxury furniture.