Mindfulness is a way of being that is based on awareness and connection to the present moment. In the hurly-burly nature of our daily lives, mindfulness can become elusive. Crafting the space in your home for mindful moments is essential towards allowing yourself to engage with your experiences, thoughts, and feelings freely to enjoy the various benefits of mindfulness. Transform your home into a sanctuary for mindful moments with Louw Roets designer furniture.


Our lives tend to become absorbed by our daily meetings, events, and errands. We find ourselves flipping past each day in our diary, quickly ticking items off our to-do lists and planning our events for the next day before the sun has set. Rather than moving through life in a flurry, we can consciously acknowledge our experiences throughout each day by creating space for mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present. Mindfulness turns your attention to your current experiences, senses, and feelings, and encourages you to explore these with curiosity and kindness. Instilling mindful moments in your home allows you to become aware of your sense of being in each present moment.



We have highlighted various ways you can create spaces for mindful moments in your home with Louw Roets designer furniture.


Creating a corner for calm in your home is a simple method to allow for the experience of mindful moments in your home. A corner for calm is a designated space in your home that is devoid of distractions and allows you to enjoy mindful moments with yourself. Select a space for your corner for calm in your home that allows you to feel grounded in the present, whether this is in front of a window to appreciate the view from your home or a quiet niche in your bedroom.

Your corner for calm can be a space where you take short pauses throughout your day to become refreshed. It can be the space you sit quietly in the morning whilst you sip on a sweet cup of tea and soak up the gentle morning sunshine. Your corner for calm can be used for formal meditation practices or simply just a space where you return your focus to your breath. You can use your corner for calm to practice mindfulness in your personalised way.

When creating a corner for calm, focus on creating a comfortable and cosy space where you can sit and be present. The furniture and furnishings you select for your corner for calm will help elevate the space into the peaceful place you need for mindful moments. Louw Roets designer furniture has been crafted around comfort and connecting your experience to the space, making Louw Roets designer furniture the perfect pair for your corner of calm.

Louw Roets designer furniture includes a range of chairs that are ideally suited to a corner of calm in your home, such as the Louw Roets Split Chair. The sweeping circular backrest of the Louw Roets Split Chair encourages you to lean back and gently rest. The soft cushioning of the leather seat allows you to comfortably spend time regaining your awareness of the present. Pair the Louw Roets Split Chair with some fluffy blankets and the soft lighting of the Louw Roets Paplepel Floor Lamp, and you have created a space for comfortable calm in your home.



Mindfulness encourages awareness and appreciation in every situation. This ethos stems into practice even when we are eating. The experience of eating is an aspect of your daily life that you can transform into a mindful moment in your home.

Rather than simply making food for the sake of eating, take the time to create a meal that excites the senses and leaves you feeling joyfully satiated. Ignite your interest in the various smells, textures, and palette teasers that bounce off each other in your meal by paying mindful attention to the experience. This mindful eating practice is a simple and personalised way to bring your focus back to the deliciousness of food.

Louw Roets designer furniture has a collection of tables that are designed for mindful moments spent indulging in your favourite dishes, spending a moment with a fresh cup of herbal tea, or simply indulging in a block of chocolate. The Louw Roets Society Table will seamlessly blend into your home whilst still capturing the eye and drawing attention to the experience of nourishing yourself.

Mindful moments do not need to be spent alone. Being mindfully present whilst spending time with loved ones enriches our experiences. The Louw Roets Oval Stellar Table is the perfect designer furniture piece for gathering friends and family around to enjoy home-cooked meals, sip on a crisp glass of pinot noir, and laugh the evening away.


The slow, thoughtful approach to mindful eating is reflected by the boutique manufacturing of the Louw Roets tables. All Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted slowly to ensure that each piece is created meaningfully and will instil beauty and functionality into every home. The slowness of the craftsmanship invites you to spend slow moments around a Louw Roets table indulging in delicious food mindfully.


The busyness and chaos of day-to-day life can leave us feeling overstretch and overwhelmed. To combat these feelings, we tend to fall into auto-pilot with our actions being guided by repetitive thought patterns.

Mindfulness is to take conscious control over our experiences and sensations in any situation. It is a movement away from default thinking and acting and is a step towards cultivating a meaningful way of being in connection to our surrounding environment. Journaling is a simple technique of mindfulness that encourages connection to your current thoughts and feelings in a calm and considerate way.


There are various ways that you can use the practice of journaling to instil mindful moments in your home. You can pour your thoughts into a leather-bound journal to introduce clarity into your day or you can use meditative colouring books to calm your mind. Choose a journaling practice that instils joy and enables you to spend a few moments of your day mindfully in your home.


One technique to encourage a joyful journaling practice is to create a gratitude journal, in which you list things in your life that you appreciate and care for. Gratitude is a powerful practice that stems from mindfulness as practicing gratitude brings your focus to the present and instils a sense of joy and satisfaction.

The Louw Roets Classique Writing Desk is the perfect desk for joyful journaling in your home. The subtle design with the inclusion of elegance in the turned desk legs invites you to sit for hours poring over your present experiences. The practical and beautiful design of the Louw Roets Classique Writing Desk will encourage mindful moments in your home.

The Louw Roets Ori Chair is the perfect seat to pair with your Louw Roets Classique Writing Desk. The clean lines and gentle texture of the woven seat will provide you with a beautiful and comfortable experience as you engage in your joyful journaling.



Embedded in the practice of mindfulness is the enjoyment of simplicity. Crafting mindful moments in your home means allocating spaces in which you can simply be and engage with your sense of being in a relaxed and empathetic way. To evoke an experience of peace in your home, you can spruce your home intentionally to transform it into a mindful sanctuary.

Spend time in your home decluttering the space of items that no longer bring you joy or fulfilment. The practice of decluttering is a useful tool to bring yourself towards your present experience of your home space and mindfully transform it into an oasis with intentional furniture pieces and décor items. Approach this practice slowly and with a non-judgemental attitude to enjoy this mindful practice.

Louw Roets designer furniture is designed around simplicity. All Louw Roets designer furniture pieces are sophisticated, elegant, and have clean lines to make a subtle yet memorable statement in your home. Transform your home space with the simplicity of Louw Roets designer furniture to provide you with internal space for mindfulness.


Mindfulness is a conscious awareness of our surroundings and our connection to these spaces. Crafting consciousness in your life may require small practices that bring your focus towards the present. We have outlined a few activities that you can personalise to provide you with mindful moments in your home.

Purposeful Podcasts: Podcasts can be powerful tools to increase mindful moments in your home. You can set aside time in your day, sitting in your corner of calm on your selected Louw Roets designer furniture chair, and listen to your favourite podcasts about mindfulness. Spend this time simply listening, absorbing, and breathing to engage in the full experience of mindfulness. The Daily Meditation Podcast and Peace Out Podcast are highly recommended podcasts for providing essential ways of intertwining mindfulness into your daily life.

Relax and Read: What better way to spend time with yourself than to snuggle up with a good book and relax. Reading empowering novels can provide you with techniques that can enrich your life with mindfulness. The Louw Roets Bubble Chair invites you to curl your legs up with your book and allow time to gently pass by.

Enhance Your Senses: Curate a space for mindfulness in your home through consciously engaging your senses. This can be done through selectively chosen aromatherapy oils or a gentle and soothing playlist.

Expressive Creations: Draw your consciousness to your current feelings and thoughts through creation. Whether you enjoy art, woodworking, sewing, or macrame, allow yourself to engage in your favourite creative expression with a mindful attitude to encourage the crafting of consciousness in your day.


When you are crafting consciousness in your life and your home, you need furniture that has been consciously crafted to enable the freedom for experiencing mindfulness. Louw Roets designer furniture has been consciously crafted for functionality, comfort, and subtle sophistication, which all pair together to inspire mindfulness. Every Louw Roets designer furniture piece has been crafted with care and consideration to be a memorable and practical addition to your mindful sanctuary.


Louw Roets designer furniture pieces are authentically designed to bring a balance of beauty and practicality to your home. Louw Roets designer furniture is not simply a piece of furniture, but an addition of functional art into your home that has been mindfully crafted.

Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted by a team of artisans to be a comfortable touch of sophistication to your home. Louw Roets designer furniture is authentically South African whilst drawing inspiration from various international influences. With Louw Roets designer furniture, you experience quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and refinement that will become a part of the legacy of your home.

Embrace mindfulness in your life by curating mindful moments in your home with Louw Roets designer furniture.