Designer Furniture: Authentic Ambiance with Louw Roets Designer Lighting

Many homeowners approach the lighting in their homes purely from a functional perspective. Beyond the practical purposes, lighting will brilliantly illuminate the personality and design of the space whilst crafting an ambiance and sense of well-being. We explore the various ways that you can enhance the lighting in your home to achieve the perfect balance of functionality, design, and mood. Louw Roets designer furniture incorporates a range of elegant designer lights that will imbue authentic ambiance into your home.



No home would be complete without the incorporation of considerate lighting into each space. Lighting is foremost practical, but it also extends beyond simply being just a functional way to increase the usability of a home. The lighting you carefully incorporate into your home will affect the mood, feeling, and overall design of your space. We have highlighted the importance of lighting for interior design to demonstrate how ambiance, design, and space are affected by the lighting you incorporate into your home.


The lighting you select will illuminate your space, bounce off your surfaces, and enhance the purpose of the room, but it is also integrally intertwined with the ambiance, or feel, of a home. A well-lit space will appear bright, inviting, and comfortable, whereas minimal lighting in a space will provide a moody and mysterious overtone to your room. It is therefore important not only to consider what lighting you will have in your space, but the amount of lighting you will require to achieve the best mood for your home.

The appearance of the light colour you have in your home will impact the ambiance you create. Lighting is available in the two different colour temperatures of warm light and cool light. Warm lighting has an amber glow and will elevate the cosiness and sophistication of a space. Warm lighting ignites an ambiance of comfort and relaxation in your sanctuary.

On the opposite side of the colour temperature spectrum is cool lighting. Cool lighting, also called blue lighting, will instil a bright and vibrant ambiance in your home. Cool lighting is difficult to achieve in a balance with design as cool lighting can often cast a stark and cold overtone to your room which will then negatively impact the feeling of your space.


The way lighting is paired with the furnishings of a room can elevate the personality of your space. A modern and youthful inspired home can then experiment with select neon lights to elevate the personality of the style you have selected. A minimalist home with a dark colour palette will be enhanced by the subdued personality of gallery-style wall-mounted lighting. The pairing of lighting and your décor will continue to narrate your personalised style and unique design while ensuring the perfect ambiance to transform your home’s personality into an experience.



Lighting has an ethereal quality of elevating the sense of space in a room. Dark spaces in a home tend to feel tighter and unpleasant. Lighting will illuminate any dark corners or narrow passageways until the experience of the space feels larger and more open. Lighting will amplify the space of your home into a sanctuary setting.

You can also use the considerate placement of lighting to enhance the space of a room. A tactfully placed statement light fixture will immediately draw the eyes upward and elongate the sense of height in a room. Widely spaced wall-mounted lights will enhance the width of a room. Hanging pendants above your bedroom side tables will leave the surface clear and uncluttered and thus ensuring an airy ambiance in the room.



The ambiance and space that beautiful lighting achieves will improve your sense of well-being in your home. Your mood is highly impacted by the light you are surrounded by. Lighting that elevates your desired ambiance, unique personality, and provides you with a sense of space will transform your home into an oasis of mood upliftment and tranquility.


Lighting is integral for the accentuation of your home design style. An oversized and ornate chandelier in a farm-house style dining room will immediately through off your design and create a heavy ambiance in the space. From the use of warm lighting in a wall-mounted light to amplify your personalised wallpaper or a floor lamp to create a cosy reading nook in your study, perfectly selected lighting will highlight the key elements of your design.

Lighting can also be an element of design for a space. The variety of unique and sculptural lights crafted by exceptional designers can be used as a stylistic moment in any space of your home. Lighting provides a functional element that can be used creatively to elevate the aesthetic of your home.



Lighting is an essential design tool that will transform your home into an ambient and stylish space of rest and enjoyment. The considerate lighting you incorporate into your home paired with your furnishings and colour palette need to work in harmony to craft a balanced haven in every room. We have highlighted a few ways you can enhance the lighting in your home to elevate your home’s character and emotional feel.


An often forgotten yet essential way to enhance the lighting in your home is through architectural lighting. Lighting that is recessed into the eaves of architectural features and seamlessly placed in strips above cupboards or furniture pieces will illuminate the designer features of your home. The light will bounce off the ceiling or create points of intrigue above furniture pieces to instil a spaciousness and ambiance in your home.


Extend your conceptual understanding of lighting beyond purely being functional or practical with the use of statement lighting. Statement lighting can be used to create a spectacular moment in your home or for your design. Modular tubes of neon lights, elegant chandeliers in the grand entranceway of your home, or organic and flowing light pieces can be selected to elevate the aesthetic astonishment of your home.


Light enhancement can be achieved in any space through the use of a subtle colour palette in your walls paint or furnishings. Lighter colours, such as whites, flaxen creams, and elegant pinks, will provide a gentle backdrop to enhance the lighting you have selected for your home. A subtle colour palette will also provide a neutral base for your statement lights to glow and your ambiance to be illuminated every time you enter through your front door.


A tactful yet designer way to enhance your personalised lighting in your home is through the use of reflective surfaces. The warm light will bounce and refract around your space, elevating a vibrant personality and sophisticated experience of the room. Reflective surfaces can be seamlessly integrated into your home design with these four recommendations.

Mirror: Allow your lighting to glimmer with the reflection and depth of stylishly placed mirrors. A mural wall covered in ornate and differently-shaped mirrors or a grand framed mirror in your entranceway will send your lighting into every corner of your space.

Glossy Countertops: Marble, quartz, and manufactured stone surfaces that have a polished finish will enhance the lighting in your bathroom or kitchen. These glossy countertops will also elevate the elegance of your space and allow the lighting to be the finishing sophisticated touch to your design.

Tiles: Tiles with a glossy shine will allow your lighting in your home to be elevated and brought into the additional textures of your space. Floor-to-ceiling tiles will draw the light into every corner of your space.


Louw Roets designer furniture offers three sophisticated designer lights that will intertwine design, functionality, and ambiance into your home. The innovative design focus is paired with practicality to ensure that Louw Roets designer furniture lighting is a functional statement piece in your home. Elevate your design and craft an authentic ambient setting in your home with any of our three designer lights from the Louw Roets designer furniture collection.


The Louw Roets Beam Light is a simple, elegant, and functional overhead light perfectly suited for above a dining room table or long kitchen island. The Louw Roets Beam Light will gleam a warm and inviting ambiance into any selected space in your home. Crafted from solid wood and galvanised cable, the Louw Roets Beam Light will hang seamlessly from your ceiling and increase the space and organic feel of your room. The Louw Roets Beam Light also allows you to amplify your home’s design style as you can hang multiple lights at various angles and heights.



The Louw Roets Nautilus Pendant is inspired by the movement and flow of nature. The organic wood tones elevate the simplicity and functionality of this shell-inspired light. The Louw Roets Nautilus Pendant allows you to hang one above each bedside table to create a warm glowing frame around your bed. You can choose to have one Louw Roets Nautilus Pendant as a statement feature in your design or pair three at differing levels to craft a warm and memorable personality in your space.


Solid wood, metal, and cotton twill merge cohesively in the glorious design of the Louw Roets Paplepel Floor Lamp. The Louw Roets Paplepel Floor Lamp elegantly blends European and African style in the large structure of this floor lamp. Beam a warm hue into your home for authentic ambiance or elevate the spaciousness of your room with the illuminating Louw Roets Paplepel Floor Lamp. The Louw Roets Paplepel Floor Lamp is beautifully paired with any of our designer furniture pieces, ensuring a cohesive ambiance with Louw Roets designer furniture in your home.



Louw Roets designer furniture blends simplicity and functionality through uniquely South African designs. Louw Roets designer furniture pieces are boutique manufactured to imbue practicality and style into every home, restaurant, or hotel. Louw Roets designer furniture ensures the ambiance and design of your space are elevated and made memorable.

From Louw Roets designer lighting to our range of chairs and tables, all of our designer furniture is authentically crafted. The Louw Roets designer furniture team of passionate craftsmen emphasise the designing and manufacturing of sophisticated and durable designer furniture pieces. You will not only experience comfort and practicality in the style of our designer furniture, but also the heart and time that has gone into each traditional joinery and blending of materials.

Our authenticity also stems from the use of natural materials in the crafting of our designer furniture. Louw Roets designer furniture will elevate the organic warmth of any selected space. Draw nature indoors with the Louw Roets Ori Chair, the Louw Roets Sumo Table, or any of our other exceptional wood designer furniture pieces.

Enhance the authentic ambiance of your home with our range of warm wooden designer lights from the Louw Roets designer furniture collection.