Woven furniture has been a prominent furniture piece in homes throughout history. Since the initial uses and designs, woven furniture has evolved and transformed into furniture with contemporary elegance and functionality. We step back in time to explore the history of woven furniture and then highlight the contemporary elements of Louw Roets woven designer furniture. Weaving Louw Roets hand-woven designer furniture into your home will be the intertwining of beauty, elegance, and practicality with your space.



Woven furniture has been entwined with lives and homes since early civilisations. There are records of woven furniture being used as honorary seats by Emperors in early AD China to adorning the palaces of Pharaohs in Egypt to being adopted in Roman culture after Rome conquered Egypt. Woven furniture has since moved through the centuries and been transformed along the way.

Woven furniture is one of the oldest methods of craftsmanship. Early woven furniture was crafted in a technique similar to basket-weaving. Strips of rattan, bamboo, or other malleable twigs were twisted, plaited, and weaved until entire furniture pieces were crafted from these natural materials. The craftsmanship of woven furniture has elegantly stood the test of time as woven furniture still prominently features in modern homes.

Woven furniture has featured in prominent design movements across the centuries. During the Victorian Age, innovations in woven furniture developed a detailed and elaborate design as a result of Queen Victoria’s affiliation to ornate styles during her reign. The transformed manufacturing processes and rise of the middle class allowed for more homes to have access to Victorian wicker furniture pieces, and thus began the sustained increase in the popularity of woven furniture.

During the Bauhaus Movement, Marcel Breuer and Gunta Stölzl crafted a modern woven furniture piece widely known as the Chair with Colourful Woven Seat. Breuer and Stölzl blended traditional wooden chair design with a woven seat and backrest in a contemporary geometric pattern. The use of bold De Stijl-inspired reds, blues, and yellows are paired with stark tones of grey and black to make the colourful woven cord pop. Throughout design movements, woven furniture has been transformed, modernised, and used as a piece to celebrate the style of the time.

Traditionally, woven furniture only referred to wicker chairs. Wicker furniture has a specific weaving pattern where the entire chair is woven out of a natural material. Woven furniture has since moved away from purely wicker designs to more contemporary blends of wooden furniture frames with woven seats and backrests using paper cord.

Paper cord, also known as Danish cord, is made from natural materials that are tightly bound together to form a strong and durable weaving material. Paper cord is the material that is commonly used for furniture weaving today and was made popular due to Danish weaving designs. Danish weaving designs have been using paper cord weaving techniques since the 1940s when Hans J. Wegener initially used the paper cord material in his chair designs and most notably in his Wishbone Chair.

Initially, woven furniture was a signifier of wealth and class as only the elite classes had access to woven furniture. Modern woven furniture still evokes a sense of sophistication and luxury, while having an increased focus on functionality for contemporary lifestyles. Involving touches of woven furniture into your home will be the stunning blending of history, luxury, and practicality.

From Ancient Egypt to the Victorian Era to Danish weaving, woven furniture has a rich history across the centuries. Since the initial designs and material choices, the continuous transformation of woven furniture has continued to establish it as prestigious furniture pieces in modern homes. Louw Roets pays homage to the traditions of woven furniture by weaving history with modern design in the beautiful selection of Louw Roets hand-woven designer furniture.


We have highlighted the glorious elements of the contemporary Louw Roets hand-woven designer furniture that will weave beauty into your home.


Every Louw Roets woven designer furniture piece is crafted using only the highest quality materials. At Louw Roets, furniture is not designed to last a season and then be replaced. Louw Roets woven designer furniture is composed of materials that will last throughout the legacy of your home and will become an integral part of your everyday living.

The cord that is used to weave the seat of each Louw Roets woven chair is selected based on its superior durability, beauty, and functionality. The cord is woven tightly so that it never frays or becomes disconnected from the wooden frame, thus ensuring longevity. We carefully consider the materials we use so that the Louw Roets woven designer furniture item you intertwine into your home will continuously bring you joy and fulfilment.

The wooden frame of the Louw Roets woven designer furniture is made from solid wood. The use of solid wood ensures longevity and provides a solid support to the woven seat and backrest. The exceptional quality of the wood is celebrated through the highlighting of the grain and accentuation of the natural curves of the wood in the form of the Louw Roets designer furniture.


The use of quality cord paired with a solid wood frame upholds the exceptional quality that has become a defining feature of Louw Roets designer furniture. The Louw Roets Ori Chair is a signifying woven furniture piece of the superior standard of materials and design. The simple design of the Louw Roets Ori Chair allows for the quality of the form and composition of the woven furniture piece to be elegantly celebrated.


Every Louw Roets woven designer furniture piece is woven by hand. Our artisan craftsmen spend four to five hours on each Louw Roets woven furniture piece, delicately pulling, twisting, tying, and weaving the cord until an authentic design is achieved. Passion, dedication, and authenticity are required to achieve the exceptional standard of craftsmanship in each Louw Roets woven furniture piece.

The time, care, and commitment to each woven Louw Roets designer furniture piece would not be achieved without a team of talented artisan craftsmen. Every Louw Roets craftsman has been trained and guided to be able to uphold the authentic design that has become synonymous with Louw Roets designer furniture.

The Louw Roets woven designer furniture truly encapsulates the ethos that anything worthwhile takes time to build. The Louw Roets Society Bench demonstrates the dedicated craftsmanship required to create authentic designs. Time, vigour, and diligence are essential to achieve the uniformly patterned cord in between the long, sturdy wooden frame of the Louw Roets Society Bench, exemplifying the authentic craftsmanship.



Louw Roets woven furniture will be an elegant touch of comfort to your home. The high-quality cord used to weave the patterned designs is paired with wooden frames that are specifically designed to ensure comfort while still upholding an elegant style. Your experience, enjoyment, and satisfaction whilst using Louw Roets woven furniture are the main focus behind our woven furniture designs and material choices.

The material choice and design of the Louw Roets woven furniture enables the lightweight nature of the designer furniture pieces. You can effortlessly move and rearrange your Louw Roets woven furniture around your space to create comfortable nooks, elaborate seating arrangements around your dining table, or special seating for reading in your bedroom. Whether you place the Louw Roets Ori Chair beside your window to sip your morning coffee, or the Louw Roets Society Bench around the Louw Roets Split Table for family gatherings, the Louw Roets woven furniture is designed to be used in ways most comfortable for you.

The Louw Roets Jardine Chair Woven demonstrates the sophisticated coalesce of comfort and woven style in Louw Roets woven designer furniture. The sweeping solid wood backrest paired with the woven pattern seat offers a comfortable chair on which you can spend many hours relaxing or enjoying time with a loved one. Louw Roets designer furniture will be a perfect touch of elegance and comfort to the precious moments you experience in your home.



Louw Roets woven furniture is a blending of traditional weaving methods with contemporary designs to craft beautiful woven furniture that will be a statement piece in your home. The Louw Roets woven furniture celebrates geometrical patterns in the design. This modern touch to the traditional woven chair allows Louw Roets woven furniture to become a contemporary element of history in your home.

The cord selected for the Louw Roets woven furniture is designed to be stretch-resistant. This ensures that each Louw Roets woven furniture piece will uphold the integrity of the patterned design whilst you use it every day. The geometric patterns in the Louw Roets woven furniture will retain its simplicity and glory throughout your use of the furniture, making it a practical woven furniture piece for your lifestyle.

The geometric pattern in the Louw Roets woven furniture is highlighted in the Louw Society Bar Chair Woven. The simple square pattern with uniform spacing is both an aesthetic and functional feature of the Louw Roets Society Bar Chair Woven. The pattern allows for light to seep through the woven seat and add an element of design to your space, while also the pattern is designed to offer comfortable support for seating.



The Louw Roets woven furniture will add bold beauty to your home. The Louw Roets woven furniture is available in organic tones as well as in beautiful contrasting pops of colour to suit your desired style. The colour combinations you select for your Louw Roets woven furniture piece will be a memorable design moment in your home.

All of the wood used in the Louw Roets wooden furniture is available in varying warm and natural hues. From subtle bone to rich warm brown, you can select the desired organic finish to the wood for your Louw Roets woven furniture. This is then paired with a range of organically toned cords for an overarching theme of natural beauty in your home.

Alongside the organically toned cords, the Louw Roets woven designer furniture also has a range of cords available in primary colours. The Louw Roets Society Stool best reflects the unique pairing of bold colour with natural wood tones that will evoke bold beauty in your space. Whether you desire a bold smattering of red throughout your house or moody moments of olive green, you can find a pop of colour that reflects your style in the Louw Roets woven furniture.



Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted in a boutique manufacturing process. Every furniture piece receives time and considerate attention to ensure that the furniture piece is crafted to the exceptional standard that Louw Roets furniture has become known for. To experience the full beauty, design, and quality of the Louw Roets furniture, you are invited to visit the Louw Roets showroom.

Weave beauty into your home with the excellent craftsmanship of Louw Roets’ contemporary woven designer furniture.