Antique furnishings evoke sensations of nostalgia, history, and timelessness, while modern furnishings embed contemporary style, easy-living, and serenity into your home. The balancing of antique and modern in your home will curate a storyline with sophistication, personality, and comfort. We highlight the wonderful ways you can balance antique and modern furnishings in your home to achieve a blending of historical and contemporary design. The modern yet timeless design of Louw Roets designer furniture pieces will be an elegant touch to your modern home with antique accents.




Antique furnishings hold a story in their ornately carved wood, leather straps, or brass details. Whether it is the Edwardian writing desk that belonged to a great grandmother, a Victorian salon chair carefully selected from an antique sale, or an inherited leatherbound journal filled with musings from an earlier era, every antique furnishing has a history, heritage, and anecdote. Antique furnishings have been witnesses to history, and in your home, they will become entwined in your personal story.

Modern furnishings also curate a narrative in your home. The carefully selected modern furnishing in each space of your home will speak to your current lifestyle, design style, and contemporary grounding. Modern furnishings radiate the legacy of your life, experiences, and passions within your home. The considerate balancing of the antique and modern narratives will write the subtle and sophisticated story of the life you have in your home.


An elegant blending of antique and modern furnishings will evoke a balanced story within your home. When done without refinement and consideration, the weaving of antique and modern furnishings can create a haphazard, eclectic, and confronting storyline. We have highlighted how to tactfully balance antique and modern furnishings to achieve a beautifully blended style of history and contemporary.

1) 80/20 PRINCIPLE:

The 80/20 is an interior design principle that will be a useful guide to creating a balance between antique and modern furnishings in your home. According to the 80/20 principle, as long as 80% of your space is unified by the same design style, you can contrast against this design with an accent style in the remaining 20% of your space and still achieve a cohesive feeling and design. The 80/20 principle will craft design equilibrium in your home.

When applying the 80/20 principle to the blending of antique and modern furnishings, you can allow your creativity to step in. For example, if you have a modern bedroom with sleek grey walls, pops of rose-pink furnishings, and a minimalist metal bed frame, this modern style would be ideally paired with a walnut antique dressing table with ornate details and brass handles. This single antique furniture element will be a grounding touch of warmth and elegance to the overall modern design of the bedroom.

It is important to thread the 80/20 principle throughout your entire home. Whether this is through an original ball-and-claw-foot bathtub in your en suite bathroom, an antique display cabinet in your dining room holding a collection of silver cutlery, or an ebony-stained lowboy at your front door, you can find a few select antique pieces and weave them throughout the spaces of your modern-style home. By involving antique furnishings in at least 20% of the interior design of your entire home, you will create a cohesive narrative of antique and modern.



Creating a flow in proportion and scale in the antique and modern furnishings in your home is important to achieve a balanced style. In interior design, proportion refers to how the furniture pieces and décor items fit in relation to one another, and scale refers to how well these items fit with the size of your space. When proportion and scale are cohesive, the space is aesthetically pleasing, has breathability, and is harmoniously weighted.

Proportion and scale are closely related to the overall experience of the space. A narrow entranceway with a Jacobean cabinet will immediately clutter the space and evoke feelings of being overwhelmed. By making sure that the size of your antique furniture pieces is in proportion to your modern furnishings and the space of the room, the room will evoke a comfortable and homely experience.

The proportion and scale of your accent antique furnishings can also be a moment to make an impactful design statement, such as using a large antique furniture piece to bring an element of grandeur into an open space in your home. In whichever way you experiment with proportion and scale in your touches of antique furnishings, ensure that it is evoking comfort, elegance, and a cohesive narrative in your home.


You do not only have to focus on furnishings to create a balanced flow of antique and modern in your home. The architectural elements of the rooms in your home can be subtly enhanced to accentuate the antique furnishings you have selected for the space. Traditional touches to your home will weave heritage and history into your space alongside your contemporary lifestyle.

Corbels, timber wall panelling in a modern design, wainscoting, and crown moulding are a few delicate historical touches that you can include into the architectural style of your home to emphasise the period of your antique furnishing accents. By doing some research on the period of your antique furniture, you can find details of the period that you can use to enhance your space with traditional touches.


One traditional touch you can use to create a cohesive blend of antique and modern in your home is wallpaper. Wallpaper has been a favourable design item throughout the centuries. Traditional wallpaper generally included French-inspired paisley designs, or acanthus scroll, delicate florals, damask, and stripes. You can select a wallpaper that plays to these traditions in a modern way, such as selecting a floral print wallpaper with enlarged and bold indigenous flowers. The placement of your antique furnishings against a modern wallpaper print will invite both the past and present into your space in a balanced way.


The triumphant blending of antique and modern furnishings can be elegantly achieved with a cohesive colour scheme throughout your house. Antique furnishings generally involve deep wood tones, metallic touches, heavy upholstery, and ornate details. These characteristics embed the charisma of heritage in the antique pieces. The antique accents you use in your home can then be brought into a contemporary space with modern furnishings in a beautiful colour palette.

Modern colour palettes that are highly favourable are earthy tones, which include warm woods and pops of green, a combination of warm nudes and tans, and the ever-classic black and white with a twist of yellow accents. These modern colour palettes will be perfectly suited with a combination of historical antique furnishings.

Modern patterned carpets, a bright array of cushions on your couch, and modern art with pops of colour are interesting ways to bring colour into your home. The deep wood tones of the antique furniture blended with contrasting colour palettes all need to be subtly balanced with a neutral backdrop. Creams, whites, and greys will offer a perfect background to your elegant blending of antique and modern furnishings in your home.



The beauty always lies in the detail, and the additional décor items you select for your home allow for you to create the perfect balance of modern and antique. The addition of a grandfather clock, a wall adorned with framed old maps, or aged books delicately piled on your coffee table are a few antique accents to integrate into your modern style home. The anecdotes that are embedded in each antique and modern furnishing piece will elevate the personality of your home and enhance the overall style.

Mirrors are an excellent décor item that can be used to bounce and reflect light around the space. Mirrors also create a perfect opportunity to balance antique and modern furnishings in a statement way. Crafting a combination of modern mirrors with streamlined frames and sharp edges with ornate, circular, and grandly gold mirrors all arranged on a singular wall or going up a stairway will bring light, history, and contemporary style into your home space.


The artful blending of the narratives of antique and modern furnishings will transform your home it an oasis of comfort, heritage, and into an awe-inspiring space. The curation of antique furnishings needs to be considerately balanced against the modern furnishings you select for your home. The Louw Roets designer furniture range includes modern furniture pieces that pay homage to tradition and period pieces that will be the perfect designer furniture addition to your blending of antique and modern furnishings in your home.

The attributes of timelessness and long-lasting quality associated with antique furnishings are equally present in the superior quality of Louw Roets designer furniture. Louw Roets designer furniture is formed using the highest quality materials. Louw Roets designer furniture also pays homage to the quality and craftsmanship of antique furniture by using traditional joinery in the crafting of every Louw Roets designer furniture piece. Louw Roets designer furniture is built to last, ensuring it will match the longevity of your antique furnishings and become a part of your narrative.

Antique furnishings are granted a prestigious position due to their limited-edition nature. Louw Roets designer furniture pieces are created by artisan craftsmen in a boutique manufacturing process, ensuring that each designer furniture piece you select for your home will be only one of a few superior designer furniture pieces. Louw Roets designer furniture is created today to inspire tomorrow and will be a beautiful blending of modern and timelessness in your home.

The Louw Roets designer furniture pieces can be beautifully paired with accent antique furnishings. Antique furnishings offer elements of grandeur with their extraordinary details and use of precious metals that reflect their period. Louw Roets designer furniture embraces modern styles of simplicity, functionality, and pure designs. You could successfully combine the Louw Roets Stellar Table with Wooden Top with a vintage gold chandelier in your dining room to craft an experience of sophistication and warmth. The pairing of simplicity in Louw Roets designer furniture and ornate designs in antique furnishings will add a sophisticated touch of blended heritage and modernity to your home.


If you are looking for a furniture piece that is a celebration of both antique qualities and modern style, the Louw Roets Classique Writing Desk is the perfect designer furniture piece. The Louw Roets Classique Writing Desk has a classic and refined style, with touches of sophistication in the delicately turned legs. The nod towards the antique qualities is then beautifully balanced against the modern finishes of the wood, ranging from pale bone to moody and modern ebony. If you are looking for the perfect piece to bring in an element of antique into your home, the Louw Roets Classique Writing Desk will be an excellent addition.


Elegantly balance antique and modern furnishings in your home with design and Louw Roets designer furniture.