Hosting a culinary experience from your home crafts the perfect pairing of expertly crafted food, being surrounded by your dearest friends and family, and showcasing your beautiful home. A private chef to cater your culinary experience will elevate your home event and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. We have highlighted the merits of hosting a culinary experience with a private chef from your home and a few of the reputable Cape Town private chefs you can select for your next event. Hosting a culinary experience from your home is incomplete without the sophistication and comfort of Louw Roets designer furniture.



Hosting a formal dinner, celebratory event, or treating a loved one to an extraordinary evening at home can initially feel stressful or overwhelming, especially if cooking is not your forte. A private chef can craft a remarkable evening for your special event whilst you do not need to lift a finger, except to raise your glass to salute your friends or family. We have highlighted the memorable culinary experience a private chef can craft for your home event.


A private chef that crafts the menu, setting, and personalised experience for your home event will elevate your event into an exceptional experience for you and your loved ones. Private chefs will professionally tantalise the senses and aggrandise your home event through crafting a culinary experience suited to your exclusive event and the style of your home. If you are looking to create a culinary experience without any of the stress or effort that goes into curating a noteworthy event, a private chef is the best partnership.

Many Cape Town-based private chefs uphold locality in their designed menus. This allows you to experience the glorious tastes, textures, and combinations that are sourced from the soil and surrounding areas of your home. An exceptional experience of what the Western Cape has to offer will add a unique and remarkable flair to the experience of your home event.


Cape Town offers a melange of world-renowned restaurants that you can sink your teeth into. The restaurants offer an array of cuisines created by acclaimed chefs that are elevated by glorious settings and complementing drinks. These restaurant experiences can be equally achieved from the beautiful setting of your home through the considerate selection of a private chef for your event.


A culinary experience at home allows for an intimate experience of friends, food, family, and drinks, all within the comfortable glow of your home. A culinary experience at home removes the possible noise, distractions, and enforced leave-time as the restaurant closes, and allows for you and your guests to enjoy an evening of conversations and food for as long as you wish in a private setting. As you sip on a glass of wine and lean in closer to listen to an anecdote by your loved one, a private chef will serve you a perfectly paired dish prepared specifically for you and your select guests.


Are you planning a surprise Mexican-inspired dinner for your partner to celebrate your anniversary? Would a high-tea for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday be the perfect morning of sophisticated festivities? No matter your occasion, you can find a private chef that will be able to accommodate your desires and craft a culinary experience that is personalised to your event.

Alongside crafting a special menu for your home culinary experience, a private chef will also be able to cater to different dietary needs. If you have invited your colleagues over for a dinner to commemorate a success at work or your in-laws over to honour their anniversary, you do not have to worry about making the different Keto, Vegan, or Paleo meals that your different guests may require. A private chef will take your personal diet needs into account when planning your culinary experience for your home event.



We have highlighted a few of the prodigious Cape Town-based private chefs that will provide you with a culinary experience from the comfortable and stylish setting of your home.


A Michelin Star, charisma, and a plume of scented smoke will precede Chef Neil Anthony as he delicately presents his gastronomic delights in front of you and your guests. Neil Anthony, alongside his exceptional team, will craft an unforgettable experience for your birthday breakfast, hosted work lunch, or weeknight celebration from your home. Chef Neil Anthony’s authentic food combined with your splendid home setting will craft an experience of personalised luxury.

Neil Anthony is an internationally-renowned chef and has trained with some of the most esteemed chefs in the world, including Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing. His international presence, dedication to sustainable and local food, and passion for crafting unique culinary experiences in your home will be the perfect way to elevate your home event. If you would like a taster of what you can experience with Chef Neil Anthony crafting a culinary experience in your home, you can see him in action on his series Private Chef.


Chef Scott Henry has travelled the world to explore the vast depths of flavours across the continents and will bring these culinary experiences to your dining room table. Chef Scott Henry has been a private chef for Kings, Queens, and Russian oligarchs across the world, awarding him a prestigious reputation and assuring you that your home event with Chef Scott Henry will be of superior standards. Chef Scott Henry pairs his exceptional food with selectively chosen South African wines of the highest laudation to curate a balance of sophistication and local tastes.

Alongside his international background, Chef Scott Henry is a champion for South African cuisine. His creative passions and dedication to crafting extraordinary and elegant dishes will ensure an exceptional culinary experience for your home event. Chef Scott Henry specialises in nutrition, and will thus be the perfect partnership for a home event with guests with distinct dietary requirements.


Private Chef Jeremy Hunt will bring a seasonal flair to your home event by bringing plates of summer, local food, and passion to your table. Creativity, intrigue, quality, and international influences coalesce into the glorious array of personalised dishes Chef Jeremy Hunt will create for your home event. Chef Jeremy Hunt will craft a selection of edible art that will elevate the elegance and sophistication of your home event.

Jeremy Hunt is a Gordon Bleu Chef, having received his culinary training from Silwood School of Cookery. Chef Jeremy Hunt offers professional and bespoke private chef services through his company Cape Town Chef that will inspire your guests. Chef Jeremy Hunt and his team of artisan chefs have catered for various private events across the world and have acquired a long list of clients singing his praise.



Chef Nicole Short offers unique culinary experiences for your home events. From canapes to harvest tables to intimate dining experiences, Chef Nicole Short will curate a selection of delicacies that will elevate your home event into an esteemed affair. Prepare to be enthralled by the creative process that progresses from your kitchen to your dining table with Chef Nicole Short.

Chef Nicole Short trained at Silwood School of Cookery from which she received her Gordon Bleu certification. Her exceptional training is paired with years of experience cooking for the elite across the globe. Since travelling the world, Nicole Short is equipped to prepare you a culinary experience that will transport you to foreign places from the comfort of your dining room.


The pairing of a private chef culinary experience and Louw Roets designer furniture will be a feast for the eyes. The carefully curated range of Louw Roets designer furniture pieces is ideally suited to increasing the memorable quality of your culinary experience at home. From solid wood tables to elegant chairs, Louw Roets designer furniture will intertwine simplicity and sophistication to your private chef event at home.

Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted by artisan craftsmen who use only the finest quality materials to create each furniture piece. The exceptional quality of food prepared by your private chef will need to have a backdrop of mirrored quality to ensure a complete culinary experience. The placement of a platter topped with intricate canapes will be superbly highlighted by the warm tones of the Louw Roets Stellar Table with Oval Wooden Top or the gloss of the Louw Roets Commodore Table with engineered stone top.


A private chef-curated culinary experience hosted from your home will require comfortable dining furniture to ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests. Every Louw Roets designer chair, from the Louw Roets Jardine Chair with Armrests to the Louw Roets Ori Chair, is designed to offer exceptional comfort and superior support. The practical design of the Louw Roets designer tables will enable your friends and family to be comfortable for hours whilst tasting, sipping, and participating in invigorating conversations.


Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted around the ethos of a connection between people and the environment. You can craft an environment of subtle luxury with the pairing of Louw Roets designer furniture and a private chef-hosted event at your home. Your guests will be seated around your Louw Roets designer furniture well after the last of your seven courses has been served.


Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted in a boutique manufacturing process. The exceptional quality of the craftsmanship of the Louw Roets designer furniture takes time, and the dedicated team of artisans are not willing to sacrifice skilled craftsmanship for speed. You can be assured that every Louw Roets designer furniture piece you select for your home or business will be crafted with care and consideration.

Louw Roets designer furniture celebrates the beauty of the materials selected for each designer furniture piece. The unique grains and knots in the solid wood used for the Louw Roets tables and chairs are elegantly highlighted with a subtle and warm finish. The cords for weaving the intricate patterns in the woven Louw Roets chairs are selected for their durability and organic touches. The stones used in Louw Roets tabletops are polished until every vein and beautiful element is glowing. The pleasure of the materials is balanced against simple designs to craft a truly memorable range of Louw Roets designer furniture.

The inspiration, passion, and dedication that goes into the crafting of Louw Roets’ designer furniture is best experienced in person. Louw Roets designer furniture showroom is based in Somerset West, where you are invited to spend an afternoon walking in amongst the insightful collection of Louw Roets designer furniture.

Host a sophisticated and professional culinary experience from your home with a private chef and Louw Roets designer furniture.