Please note that all our standard furniture and custom orders are made-to-order. Custom pieces are manufactured according to a client’s specification and agreed design. No refunds can be offered on any order once the deposit has been placed.

Please note that a change of heart, “buyer’s remorse” or simply “not liking it” is not a valid reason to request a refund. It is the clients responsibilty to understand our terms and conditions clearly before placing an order. If you are unsure or unclear about any aspects of our business or the product/s, please communicate with us at We will always assist and advise to the best of our ability.

Furthermore, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that you understand the size and dimensions of the furniture piece and that it will fit through the opening provided to get it into the space it is intended for. We cannot take responsibility for any issues that arise should the items not fit or be adequate for use in their intended space. Please provide clear instructions in writing at all times. No verbal alterations to the order will be allowed.


We endeavour to comply 100% with the South African Consumer Protection Act. Should any problem arise, please communicate with us immediately at Any problems need to be brought to our attention in writing within 24hours of delivery. If this is not done, we will assume that you are satisfied with your order. In the case of a factory defect as indicated by our warranty, we will either repair the product or replace it (T’s & C’s applicable)at the sole discretion of Louw Roets Design(pty)ltd.

Please note that we reserve the right to properly inspect and make informed conclusions regarding the products alleged defects. If Louw Roets Design(pty)ltd concludes that the defect is a result of misuse, abuse, neglect, or normal wear/tear, then said product may attract a charge to the buyer in the event of a repair or replacement. If however, it is a genuine, bonafide manufacturing or factory defect, we will repair/replace it at our cost.

It should be clearly understood that we do have a sample viewing showroom at 73 Victoria Street, Somerset West, Western cape.  The CPA requires that buyers should have the opportunity to examine quality/workmanship before placing, confirming or paying for orders. This is specifically what this facility/showroom is for. Buyers should note that all items on display at this facility/showroom are made in exactly the same way and quality as the item/s they will receive. Access to this facility will be available by appointment at any date or time that is agreed on. If for some reason you choose not to make use of this viewing at our showroom, then we will assume that you are happy with our quality/workmanship.