Hygge is the celebration of small moments, slow living, and soul-fulfilling appreciation for simply being. Embracing hygge in your home is to create a space where you can enjoy happiness, comfort, and contentment every day. We have highlighted how Louw Roets designer furniture and other key elements can transform your home into a hygge oasis.



Imagine you are snuggled up in your bed underneath a feather-down duvet with a captivating book in your hand. Your cup of freshly-pressed coffee is sitting on your bedside table filling your bedroom with a rich, warm aroma. The early-morning sunlight is slipping through your curtains creating a pale glow in your bedroom. This is essentially hygge.


Hygge is a Danish concept that imbues a culture of cosiness, comfort, warmth, and friendliness. Hygge encourages you to take pleasure in the small things in life and to find joy in simply being in each moment. Where better a place to embrace the concept of hygge than in your home.



We are going to explore how to bring hygge into your home to embed a sense of wellness, contentment, and simple joy into your favourite space.


When creating a hygge home, the type of furniture you select is important. Cluttering your home with incongruent furniture pieces that are mass-produced and dumped into place with a shrug is not hygge.

Hygge is all about living well, and how you function and live well in your home is dependent on the furniture you select. The furniture you select for your hygge home needs to ooze comfort, thoughtfulness, and create a flow throughout the entire space. Furniture that captures the warmth, simplicity, and practical beauty of hygge is Louw Roets designer furniture.

Louw Roets designer furniture steps away from the fast-passed manufacturing process and instead embraces boutique manufacturing. Each Louw Roets designer furniture piece is handcrafted with care, commitment, and love, to create a piece that will provide a sense of comfortable quality to your hygge home.

Take the Louw Roets Stellar Table for example. The organic flow of the large circular table allows for an intimate gathering of families and friends, where you can enjoy eating good food and discuss the intricacies of life in a truly hygge fashion.

When selecting chairs to pair with the Stellar Table, you need to continue to the essence of comfort and quality. Louw Roets has a superb selection of dining chairs, such as the Society Chair. The soft cushioning and elongated backrest of the Society Chair invite you to sit back and allow the candles to drip as time and conversation flow with your loved ones.


The colour palette of a hygge home is pure and simple. When crafting your hygge home, lean towards neutral or muted tones for your colour scheme. Whether you select natural wood tones and luxurious creams, whites and soothing greys, or a speckled array of pale pinks and bronze, make sure you feel a sense of serenity when you walk through the door.

Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted within a calm and understated colour palette. You can select through a range of wood, leather, and powder-coated metal tones to find the perfect shade that will fuse with your hygge home while still making a memorable statement.


A hygge home invites nature indoors to celebrate the pure beauty of all that is natural. Selecting woods, plants, organic lines, and soft shades is how to embrace the natural in a hygge home.

Including greenery in your hygge home is an easy way to spark a sense of wellness. Having living plants in your home not only provides you with fresh air but also refreshes the soul. Succulents, delicious monsters, and mother-in-law’s tongues are plants that work well indoors in South Africa.

Louw Roets designer furniture is a celebration of natural elements. The wooden furniture allows each grain and knot to be highlighted in all its subtle glory. Each Louw Roets furniture piece is elegant in design to allow the structure of the wood and other materials to be the glorified star. Keeping furniture comfortable and uncomplicated is a natural form for Louw Roets furniture.

4) COSY:

A hygge home is a home that makes you feel as if you are being embraced by a loved one with a warm, tight hug the moment you step through the doorway. You leave your daily troubles outside and slip into the peace and safety of your cosy hygge home.

A way to achieve the comfort and cosiness of hygge is with soft furnishings. Cushions are an excellent way to create a sense of hygge in your home. Select an array of cushions in neutral tones that exude tranquillity. When selecting cushions, opt for practical beauty. You want to be able to sit on the couch and snuggle into your cushions rather than having decorative cushions that can only be looked at.

Layering blankets is an easy way to create a sense of cosiness in your home. Having multiple soft, fluffy, or knitted blankets strewn over the couch or rolled up in a woven basket softens the space and allows serenity to seep into your home.


If you have a fireplace in your home, ensure that you have a stock of wood at the ready for chilly nights. Plop a cushion down, sip on a cup of hot chocolate, and play a board game with your family in front of the hearth. When lighting a fire, you can add dried lavender or eucalyptus to add a gentle fragrance to your evening of rest.

You can also create a “hyggekrog”, or a cosy nook, in your home. Select a spot where you can sit with a good book or admire the view from your window. For your cosy nook, you will need a comfortable piece of furniture to allow you to unwind and rest.

Louw Roets has a wide range of chairs that are perfectly suited to creating a cosy nook in your home. An excellent choice for a cosy hideaway spot in your home is the Louw Roets Tusk Chair. The Tusk Chair has curved armrests and a wide backrest which enables you to sink back and sigh with happiness.


A hygge home gently awakens the senses and invites you to be present in the moment. It is easy to achieve the calming sense of hygge in your home with subtle scents, soothing sounds, and soft lighting.

1. Scents: Find a range of fragrance oils or wax melts that instil a feeling of joy and make you feel instantly at home. Toasty cinnamon, vanilla, and forest pine are firm hygge favourites.

2. Sounds: Nothing can create a calm and peaceful mood in your hygge home like a carefully curated playlist. Create a playlist of soft, soothing melodies to play whilst you are reading, cooking, or soaking away the day in the bath.

3. Lighting: Candles are an essential element of hygge. The soft, bouncing light that a candle produces allows you to rest and feel rejuvenated in your space. To stay true to the Danish hygge, select only white and unscented candles for your hygge home. You can also achieve hygge in your home with Louw Roets lighting fixtures.

The Louw Roets Nautilus Pendant will provide your home with warm hues of golden light. The Nautilus Pendant is carefully crafted by gently bending pieces of wood until a simple shell shape is achieved. This Louw Roets light embraces organic lines and oozes a natural feel, allowing you to enjoy the softness of nature from within your hygge home.


The cosy, comfortable, and charming character of hygge can also be embedded into your home through the combination of simple textures and patterns. How you combine your textures and patterns is important as you do not want to start introducing overwhelming, clashing, or distracting textures into your peaceful home.

Combining natural woods, smooth leathers, woven rugs, ceramic vases, and interesting artworks that all flow within a compatible colour pallet is an example of how to create a hygge home with varying textures and patterns.

Textures and patterns provide your hygge home with a warm and lived-in feeling that will provide you with a sense of security and peace. The practice of hygge is all about finding an appreciation for your surroundings, so when you are choosing your textures and patterns, ensure that they will highlight a sense of happiness and enjoyment in you each time you see them.

Louw Roets furniture embraces the combination of natural textures and patterns, which is highlighted in the Society Bench. The smooth wooden legs of the Society Bench are paired with the woven rope seat which provides both texture and pattern to the bench. By selecting the Society Bench with bone wood and nude cord, you allow the texture and pattern to shine through a neutral tone in a hygge home.


Hygge embraces simplistic happiness, and what brings more joy to a home than the personal touches that highlight your unique story. Whether this is through displaying treasured memories, having photos hanging on the wall of your loved ones, or your personal selection of each piece of Louw Roets designer furniture, hygge encourages you to embrace and celebrate your life fully.

Hygge is also a celebration of handmade pieces. By gently intertwining hygge into your home, you are also allowing your creative side to shine brightly. Whether your passion lies with paintings, ceramics, or knitted cushion covers, you can explore any handmade avenue in your hygge home.

Louw Roets designer furniture, like hygge, embraces the quality of handmade beauty. Every piece of designer furniture is handcrafted. Whether you are drawn to the Hombre Chair, the Paplepel Floor Lamp, or the Sumo Table, you can be assured that the piece of your choice will be of excellent craftsmanship.


Louw Roets designer furniture is handcrafted by a team of expert artisans. Each artisan takes individual care during the slow process of carving, traditional joining, and crafting the designer furniture that will become a part of your home. Quality takes time, and we have all the time in the world to make sure that each designer furniture piece reaches our standards of functional beauty.

Louw Roets designer furniture embraces the modern while still remaining timeless. We step away from trends and focus instead on ever-lasting beauty with our designer furniture. By investing in a Louw Roets designer furniture piece, you are investing in the history and future of practical art.

Louw Roets designer furniture showroom is located in Somerset West, Western Cape. Should you be interested in a piece for your hygge home, you are invited to come and feel, explore, and engage with the showroom furniture.

Embrace hygge in your home with Louw Roets designer furniture, cosy furnishings, warm lightings, and spaces that gently ignite your senses.