The word ‘stellar’ can refer to something that is star-like or outstanding! In our case, it embodies both. The Stellar table demands your attention and is definitely a statement piece. Once you have locked your eyes on the organically shaped legs, you will find yourself slowly drifting and gravitate towards its core.

The oval tabletop is 32mm thick and allows for easy access due to the centrally located leg structure while the tabletop features a well-rounded edge that is soft on the forearms. 

Product information

seater options

 6 seater, 8 seater, 10 seater, 12 seater, custom sizes upon request

materials  solid wood
manufacturing lead time  6 – 8 weeks


Cleaning instructions

Use a damp clean cloth to dust regularly. Do not use abrasive, silicon or oil-based cleaners. Blot spills immediately to avoid moisture, penetrating the wood.

6 seater
L1800mm x W1000mm x H750mm

8 seater
L2400mm x W1000mm x H750mm

10 seater
L3000mm x W1000mm x H750mm

12 seater
L3600mm x W1000mm x H750mm

14 seater

L4200mm x W1000mm x H750mm

* custom sizes available on request.


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