Split table


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The Split table is a clean contemporary design with a subtle sculptural element.

The concept was to create a table void of the traditional placement of the legs and structure while utilising minimal materials and maintaining maximum structure.

The structure is based on the anatomy of a mammal. Two pairs of sculptural legs are joined by a spine to create rigidity with ribs to support and connect with the top. Each of the ribs as well as the legs interlock into the spine by means of half lap joints. This further increases rigidity but also creates more surface area for the glue to join the parts together. ⠀

The long side of the table top features a chamfer to create a light and contemporary styled edge and furthers the refinement of the table.

Product information

seater options 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and custom
materials solid wood
manufacturing lead time 6 – 8 weeks

Cleaning instructions

Use a damp clean cloth to dust regularly. Do not use abrasive, silicon or oil-based cleaners. Blot spills immediately to avoid moisture, penetrating the wood.



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