Coastal interior design is a serene and comfortable style for a seaside home or holiday house. Distinct from Hampton’s interior design or nautical interior design, the coastal design focuses on simplicity, comfort, and airy liveability through drawing inspiration from the seaside surroundings. Despite how coastal design can transform your home into feeling like a blissful getaway every day, many homeowners tend to avoid coastal design due to fears of falling into a kitsch style. We will guide you on how to achieve a coastal interior design in a beautiful and sophisticated way through light wooden furniture, subtle coastal nods in décor, and layered organic textures. Achieve coastal comfort in your home with Louw Roets designer furniture.


Coastal interior design is a casual, comfortable, yet still elegant design that is the ideal style for a seaside home. Coastal design can instil a high-end aesthetic in your home while still encouraging you to lay back and put your feet up on the couch. The blending of neutral colours, natural lighting, and breezy space in coastal interior design will craft a relaxing and chic home.

Coastal interior design should not be confused with Hampton’s interior design or nautical interior design. While the three designs draw their inspiration from coastal surroundings and thus have many similarities, there are key design characteristic differences that impact the overall atmosphere of the home. We briefly outline Hampton’s and nautical design to ensure that you avoid leaning towards these design inspirations when striving for coastal interior design in your home.

Hampton’s Interior Design: Hampton’s design style is stately and creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The interiors of a Hampton’s design home will often have white as the base colour for their design with darker accent colours, such as navy or earthy stones, to elevate the dignified mannerism of this design. Paisley, brocade, and geometric patterns are often commonly found in a Hampton’s style home. The furniture is usually dark and polished to elevate the grandeur of this design style.

Nautical Interior Design: Nautical interior design is light, playful, and a bold portrayal of a love for the ocean. White is usually the base colour of a nautical design home with varying shades of blue as the accent colours. Stripes are the pervading pattern in a nautical design home. Ships, sea-life, shells, anchors, ropes, and driftwood as décor and art can be found in each living space and are often positioned as the main focus of the design.


Coastal interior design is a meritorious balancing of tranquility, style, and functionality. When you walk into your coastal design home, the atmosphere should inspire feelings of calm and comfort. With our seven tips for incorporating coastal interior design in your home or holiday house, you can approach this style with alacrity and confidence.


Homeowners generally gravitate towards a mixture of white and driftwood or distressed wood furniture. To elevate the coastal interior design to a comfortable yet sophisticated level, natural wood that is sanded to a subtle sheen or lightly stained wooden furniture will still hint at the coastal design without being overt. The warmth and organic touch of natural wood will ground your coastal home and create a connection between the indoor space and glorious coastal surrounds.


Coastal interior design is based on a colour theme of layered neutrals. Varying shades of whites for the walls and furnishings and sandy browns for the floors and furniture form the basis of this crisp design. By keeping the base colour palette light and crisp, the room will feel spacious and relaxing.

The neutral basis of coastal interior design then allows for bright bursts of accent colours. When selecting accent colours, it is emphasised to draw from the coastline. Lively shades of blue, corals, pale yellows, and greens inspired by coastal plants that are sprinkled along the sea sand are sources of accent colour inspiration for the coastal design. These vibrant colours will balance against your neutral basis and add points of interest to your space.


Drawing inspiration for your interior design from your coastal surroundings can quickly lead to an overwhelming amount of seashells, nautical puns, and dolphin motifs in your home if done incorrectly. Coastal interior design is far from a tacky cluttering of sea-inspired décor. The key to achieving a coastal interior design is through subtly in your approach to your coastal décor.

A coastal home should feel bright and airy, and thus you should avoid excessive cluttering of décor and furnishings. One piece of white coral on your entranceway table, the use of nautical rope as a curtain tie-back, or an aged nautical map wallpaper in your guest bathroom are subtle ways to highlight the sea inspiration in your coastal design home. Through moderate décor, your home will radiate a coastal au fait.



Coastal interior design achieves depth and intrigue in its style through the layering of organic textures. Linen covers, warm wooden furniture, rattan lampshades, knobbly woven rugs, and luxuriously soft cushions piled onto your couch all work together to blend the relaxed tones of coastal comfort with the elegance of design. Your coastal home should feel like walking into a soft, comforting, and refreshing oasis after a long day through the layering of neutral organic textures.



Coastal interior design emphasises a comfortable openness and airy atmosphere. This is best achieved through an open-plan layout in your living area. By creating a flow between the kitchen, dining room, and lounge, the spaces will feel spacious and inviting. If your area is limited, choose minimal furnishings and specific décor to achieve a breezy space for making memories and connecting with loved ones.


Natural lighting is quintessential to coastal interior design. A bedroom or living area flooded with gentle natural light will envelop the space in bright serenity and imbue an airy ambiance in your home. Surround your windows with wispy, diaphanous curtains to allow the light to flood in and for a sensory experience when they blow in the sea breeze. If your home has only a few windows, you can use selectively placed mirrors to bounce the light around your space.

If you have darker corners in your home, you can mimic the effect of natural lighting with selectively placed pendants or floor lamps. The warmth of the lights will be aligned with the amber tones of the setting sun and create comfortable spaces for relaxing in your home. You can also use the incorporation of lights to reflect off your coastal colour palette to enhance the brightness and beauty of your space.


Artwork and framed photographs offer another opportunity to incorporate coastal inspiration into your home. Like with the décor, the emphasis on the art or photographs you select for your coastal home should be subtle nods towards the sea or related themes. Local artists or photographers who produce coastal-inspired designs will be an excellent source for your home art.

Minimalist or abstract art revolving around the sea offers the essence of the coastal inspiration without being overly nautical interior design. Watercolours in subtle blues, splashes of oil paint across a canvas that hint at a harbour, or glistening swirls of coloured resin that capture the movement of water all allude to the sea casually and comfortably. Liveliness, breeziness, and a connection to your accent coastal colour in your chosen artworks will make for a superb addition to your coastal home.

Photographs in coastal homes are typically black and white to instil simplicity and elegance into the space. Photographs can range from ships at sea to crashing waves to seaside boulders to intimate shots of shells. If you find an image that captures your love for your piece of coastline or instils a sense of calm in you when you gaze upon the photograph, then that is the perfect piece for your coastal home.



When natural light, coastal colours, wooden furniture, and organic textures coalesce in coastal design, a calm and comfortable atmosphere is created in your home. Your seaside home is your sanctuary, and thus should feel like a space where you can kick off your shoes and sit back with a glass of wine to take in the sea view. Crafting your coastal design with a tranquil atmosphere at the centre of your style will ensure that all your furnishings, colour choices, and artworks inspire relaxation and rejuvenation in your home.


Louw Roets designer furniture is designed to be simple, sophisticated, and comfortable, making Louw Roets designer furniture the perfect pairing for a coastal interior design home. We craft designer furniture that will be a practical and elegant addition to your home, offering you countless ways to make memories and enjoy your seaside sanctuary. Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted around the connection between humans and the environment, and would thus be the ideal designer furniture for creating cohesion between your home and your coastal surrounds.

Louw Roets designer furniture is a collection of elegant and boutique manufactured wooden designer furniture. Our wooden designer furniture is available in a range of light tones to compliment the elegance of your coastal interior design. From the white undertones of our bone finish to the warmth of our natural finish, you can select your desired wood tone for your Louw Roets designer furniture that will craft a cohesive coastal style throughout your home.

Louw Roets designer furniture uses organic materials and layered textures to achieve a synthesis between handcrafted furniture and natural inspiration. Louw Roets designer furniture pieces elegantly blend the soft textures of paper cord or smooth leather with solid wood that celebrates the natural grains and knots. When layering textures and incorporating organic materials into your coastal design home, Louw Roets designer furniture will be a comfortable companion to your design.

Louw Roets designer furniture collection allows for your to incorporate subtle nods towards a sea-inspired style in your home. Our designer furniture Nautilus Pendant is inspired by the flowing lines of the nautilus shell, allowing you to sophisticatedly integrate a coastal inspiration in a practical way through your dining or living room lighting. The Louw Roets Nautilus Pendant will also incorporate ambiance and light into your space, achieving the bright ambiance synonymous with coastal interior design.

You can incorporate art from the Louw Roets designer furniture collection that will speak to the movement, beauty, and liveliness of coastal-inspired design. Louw Roets Rigid Fluidity, an artwork made from steam-bent ash wood, can be used as an abstract connection to crashing ocean waves or a swirling sea current. Place Rigid Fluidity on the wall in your living room or entranceway and you will immediately feel the coastal connection in a sophisticated and casual way.

Achieve sophisticated coastal comfort in your seaside home with Louw Roets designer furniture.