Architects create harmony between awe-inspiring beauty, practicality, and bespoke design to achieve liveable pieces of art. If you are looking for unique home architecture to inspire your home’s architectural design, we have selected our top five homes that blend location, innovation, and style. A truly inspiring architectural home creates a synthesis between the exterior and interior furnishings. Louw Roets luxury furniture will elevate the sophistication, functionality, and beauty of the interior of your architecturally-inspiring home.



Inspiring architecture creates a conversation between location, living, and design. Masterful architecture can leave you feeling in awe of both the design and the extraordinary surrounding spaces. We have highlighted five international homes based on their inspiring architectural design.


The Invisible House, located in Joshua Tree National Park in California, is a true work of Modern architectural genius. Mirrored glass, desert, and modern design harmoniously merge in this hidden home. From the right angle, this home disappears into the background, aligning itself with its name.

Designed by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright, the father of Modern Architecture, you will be mesmerised by the blending of this Modern rectangular home with the desert landscape. The exterior of the home is completely covered with reflective windows, allowing the clouds, sunset, or rocky hills to be the exterior of this home depending on the time of day you admire this piece of architecture.

The tempered glass panels that encase the home provide panoramic views of the terracotta landscape that acts as the artistic backdrop to the interior of this innovative home. The interior design is sleek and Modern with concrete floors, white finishes, Minimalist furnishings, and a 30 metre indoor pool. The interior takes nothing away from the emphasis placed on the surrounding environment.

The creative owners of the Invisible House lived in New York and were inspired by the skyscrapers of their home city; thus, the architectural style mimics a horizontal skyscraper. Placed upon concrete pillars to reduce the impact of the Invisible House on the wildlife, the home appears to be floating in amongst the stones, red sand, and hardy vegetation. Sky, land, glass, and respect for the environment converge in this inspiring architectural home.


The Featherstone House is an iconic Modern home located in Ivanhoe, Australia. Named after the homeowners’ Grant and Mary Featherstone, the Featherstone House is a family home that has housed four generations of Featherstones. The Featherstone House is characterised by nature, unique angles, and custom craftsmanship, all achieved under the guiding architectural style of Robin Boyd.

Robin Boyd, a figurehead in the International Modern Movement in Australian architecture, crafted an architectural style that incorporates floating levels and an open-plan design. Inspired by living in a courtyard, it is comprised of brick exteriors and interiors, a translucent tile roof, floating wooden platforms for multi-level living, glass, and nature. The essence of Robin Boyd’s design in the Featherstone House is indoor-outdoor living in a creative and practical way.

Nature seeps into every crevice of this raw brick home. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall allows for exceptional views of the Darebin Creek Reserve landscape surrounding the Featherstone House. Within the home, internal gardens are located throughout the house with a pond located in the centre of the home. Vines cling to the bricks, plants trickle down the stone stairways, and pot plants can be found on the geometric surfaces. The combination of earth tones and greenery crafts a gentle connection between the home and the environment.

The Featherstone House is constantly transforming. Originally completed in 1969, the house has continuously evolved to acquire a living, breathing quality. It has recently been updated to craft a balance between the unique design and modern adaptations.



Located in Frohnleiten, Austria, is the unique and enthralling Green Façade House. Geometrical shapes, AstroTurf, and an element of eccentricity are combined to result in the astonishing Green Façade House. The Green Façade House is an example of how architecture can engage the imagination and have a sensational relationship with its surroundings.

The Green Façade House is comprised of concrete blocks that haphazardly intersect to develop a Modern-inspired geometric home. The name of the Green Façade House is based on the synthetic green grass that covers the entire exterior of the concrete home. The grass exterior allows for the Green Façade House to slip into the rolling green hill it rests on and sit cohesively against the natural backdrop.

This extraordinary home was designed by architects Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis, commonly referred to as Weichlbauer/Ortis designs. Weichlbauer/Ortis architectural designs are guided by principles of chaos theory and fractal geometry, and they seek to combine these in spectacularly unusual ways. Chaos and geometry are highly emphasised in the playful Green Façade House.

The Green Façade House will have you marvelling at the architectural design. Doors are attached horizontally to windows to serve as unusual railings. Concrete stairways stick off the side of the house at both vertical and horizontal angles that lead into the fresh air. The intriguing qualities of this home will cause you to tilt your head to take in every perspective. The Green Façade House inspires you to keep exploring the exterior of this architectural home and allow your imagination to coalesce with nature.


The Two Parallel Volumes House in Cerro Azul, Peru, is a triumphant architectural design. The Two Parallel Volumes House, designed by Vértice Arquitectos (Vertex Architects), is a striking combination of curved, rocky terrain and pristine geometrical blocks that project out towards the sea and sky. The breathtaking Two Parallel Volumes House stands proudly against the natural surroundings while still embracing the picturesque landscape.

Rectangular blocks of crisp white concrete, tempered glass, steel, and granite stone seemingly spew the wings of the Two Parallel Volumes House from the dry, rocky hillside. The wings of the Two Parallel Volumes House circulate a central axis where a swimming pool and entertainment area are located. The wings sit at two different levels that are joined by steep concrete steps, adding further impressive height to this scintillating home.

The only design outline Vértice Arquitectos received was to have views of the Pacific Ocean below. Vértice Arquitectos delivered panoramic views from each wing of the captivating home. From every position in the home, you will experience the playful movement of sunshine against the white walls, feel encased in superb Modern design in amongst nature, and feel soothed by the surrounding sea-views. The interior is Minimalist and Modern with an overriding theme of white, concrete, and natural stone, which allows for the architectural design and views to be the memorable moment of this home.



The Hind House is a Contemporary architectural home based near Wargrave, England. The Hind House is located on the Loddon riverbank and floats above the land or water on stilts. Elevated simplicity, exceptional views, clean lines, and movement characterise this unusual home.

The Hind House was designed by the John Pardey Architects group, a collection of architects who base their creations on the celebration of nature. The excellent combination of architecture and the natural setting is what sets the Hind House apart. We do not use the term excellent lightly, as this John Pardey Architects creation won the 2009 RIBA Awards for architectural excellence.

The Hind House is an emblem of Contemporary architectural design. The exterior is comprised of three rectangular blocks that intersect at a horizontal angle to the nearby river. Warm cedar is contrasted against the dark zinc-clad on the exterior of the home, while aluminium-framed windows offer reflections of the surrounding trees and allow light to pour into the space. The Hind House is constructed around a pinwheel design with three distinct geometric wings allocated to living space with a hidden office, bedroom, and guestroom. The use of clean lines and geometric shapes provides a simple aesthetic to this remarkable home.

In line with Contemporary architecture, the Hind House allows for a fluid relationship with the surrounding environment. During the seasonal Loddon River floods, the Hind Home elegantly sits above the swirling water below, creating a tranquil connection between architecture and nature. From all the wings of the house, you can sit and watch the gentle passing of the river below whilst surrounded by warm cedar-panelled interior walls and ceiling. The Minimalist interior furnishings allow for your entire attention to be drawn to the glorious surroundings.


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