Lagom, a Swedish concept meaning “just the right amount”, is the key to crafting a lifestyle and home that is balanced and happy. Harmony, well-being, moderation, and appreciation for your items are the defining characteristics of Swedish Lagom. We explore the philosophy behind Swedish Lagom and how you can artfully embrace Lagom in your home. Louw Roets designer furniture is thoughtfully manufactured and consciously designed, allowing you to effortlessly intertwine Swedish Lagom into your home.



Lagom, pronounced “lar-gohm”, is a Swedish philosophy that embraces simplicity and meaningfulness to craft a balanced life. Lagom is a guiding principle that demonstrates that through moderation, you can live a wholesome and harmonious life. Lagom champions having an appreciation for what you have and approaching life with your focus centred on well-being, peace, and happiness.

The Lagom philosophy descends from a Swedish myth. Lagom supposedly originated during the Viking Age in Sweden when Vikings or farmers would pass around the same bowl or horn for the entire group to drink from. As the bowl or horn was passed around the group, each member would ensure that they did not drink too much to ensure that each person got an equal share. While this is considered folklore, this myth is still continuously told in Sweden to ensure the concept of Lagom is upheld.

Lagom lies in the middle ground between not having enough and having too much. Lagom can be applied to every aspect of how you live your life, from the food you eat to the clothing in your closet to the way you decorate your home. It is a philosophy that can be intuitively embraced in every aspect of your being to craft meaningful well-being and balance in your life.



The philosophy behind Lagom is a wonderful guide to transforming your home into an oasis of appreciation, harmony, and well-being. The excellence of Lagom is that it is entirely personal, allowing you to create the Lagom home of your desires. We have highlighted five steps to intertwine Swedish Lagom in your home that you can embrace in your own way.


Lagom inspires a minimalistic home, but with a twist. Lagom minimalism is different from the common understanding of minimalism which is inspired by the modern minimalism design. Modern minimalism strips away at a space until only functional items are left. Modern minimalism design is simplistic and neutral, which can feel cold and lack personality for many people.

Lagom minimalism is not striving for a design style but rather is centred on a home that is only filled with items that you appreciate and fill you with satisfaction and happiness. Lagom minimalism is the balance between having not enough and having an excess of items in your home. Lagom minimalism is not bare and stark, but artfully combines functionality with beautiful and personalised touches to transform your home into a sanctuary.

The best way to achieve Lagom minimalism in your home is by decluttering. Lagom is based on an appreciation for the things you own, which means that if there are items that no longer suit your space or your current phase of life, they are not being guided by Lagom. We have highlighted a few tips for decluttering your home to achieve an essence of Lagom throughout your oasis.

Small Steps at a Time: We understand that the moment anyone mentions decluttering, you picture yourself spending hours half-buried under piles of old till slips, birthday cards, and your collection of your child’s primary school art. The best way to approach decluttering your home is to take small steps at a time. Set small goals for decluttering, such as starting with one drawer at a time or only allocating fifteen minutes a day to decluttering. This will avoid the process becoming overwhelming or result in you abandoning the decluttering step altogether.

Avoid Organising for Now: Many people confuse decluttering with organising. Decluttering is the removal of items that no longer fill you with joy or have no purpose in your home anymore. At this point, you are simply removing any excess items from your home. Once you have decluttered, you can then begin organising and showcasing your beloved items.

Remember the Reason: Decluttering can take a while, especially if you have spent years in your home. Halfway through the decluttering process, it can be easy to forget why you are spending your Sunday afternoons rummaging through your garage looking for items to discard, donate, or recycle. Keep the Swedish Lagom philosophy at the centre of your decluttering process to ensure that you are continuously striving for a space filled with useful, valuable, and fulfilling items.



Intertwined into Swedish Lagom is another Swedish philosophy, fika paus. Fika paus, which translates to “coffee break”, is a concept used to emphasise the importance of stopping to take breaks throughout your day. These breaks can be going for a slice of cake with a friend to catch up, having a coffee in the morning sunshine at home, or snuggling in a comfy chair to reflect on the day.

Lagom is centred on a harmonious life. Breaks throughout your day allow you a small space of time to sit, reflect, and regain your motivation. Consistent breaks throughout your day provide you with moments to process, inspire creative thinking, and regain balance. Lagom strives to allow you to enjoy mental, physical, and emotional well-being, which is why taking breaks is so emphasised in this Swedish way of life.



To artfully embed Swedish Lagom into your home, you can craft spaces that allow you to take a break. This is a personal space that allows you to put your feet up, feel comfortable, and relax. Whether your restful space is a chair placed next to a window to take in your view or a nook in your kitchen, find a quiet space that allows you to be still and present for a few minutes every day.


Intimately connected to the Swedish Lagom philosophy is sustainability. Lagom inspires not only harmony in your life, but harmony between you and the environment. Guided by moderation and only filling your home and life with items you need and value, by striving for Lagom you are aligning yourself with a conscious way of living.

To embrace Lagom into your home, you can ensure that the design and style of your home are selected based on environmentally-friendly factors. Through practicing a consciousness towards the furnishings you choose and applying the Lagom moderation principle when purchasing new items for your home, you can craft a space that is filled with thoughtful pieces both for your and the environment’s well-being. This can be done by selecting high-quality pieces that will last, avoiding excess consumerism, and purchasing furniture or décor items from conscious manufacturers.


Lagom is all about filling your home with items that provide you with fulfilment, joy, and satisfaction. This simplistic and wholesome approach to the furnishings and personal items you incorporate into your home will then transform the space into a sanctuary. When you only have items in your home that are valuable to you, your space will feel calm, harmonious, and personal.

What you love is personal and also allows you to showcase your unique creativity. From photographs of your family members to cabinets showcasing your collected items from your international travels to your favourite local artist’s paintings hanging on your falls, you can showcase the items you love in beautiful Lagom style. When showcasing what you love, either on your walls or shelves or in a display cupboard, allow each item enough space to be highlighted and not feel cluttered.



If you work from home, the boundary line between your work and home life can become blurred. You may find yourself answering emails whilst cooking dinner, scheduling meetings in bed, or pausing an episode of your favourite series to answer business-related phone calls. Lagom encourages balance and well-being as the guiding principle in your home, and thus creating a separation between your work and your home-life is essential.

To embed Swedish Lagom into your home, you can craft a work-life balance by creating a separate workspace. Transform your spare bedroom into an office or have an allocated corner of your home for performing your work. Set yourself defined working hours while ensuring you allocate sufficient time for breaks. Once you leave your workspace, ensure that you also leave behind your work duties and responsibilities. You are now “home”, and should enjoy being fully present and appreciative of the space and people in your home to be aligned with Lagom.



Louw Roets designer furniture is simplistic, functional, and beautifully crafted, allowing you to artfully embed Swedish Lagom into your home through your selected Louw Roets designer furniture. From sophisticated dining tables to versatile chairs to timeless lighting, Louw Roets designer furniture is a collection of authentic craftsmanship and design. Create the story of Lagom-inspired harmony and meaningfulness by intertwining Louw Roets designer furniture into your home.

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At the centre of Louw Roets designer furniture is the intimate connection between humans and the environment. To craft a meaningful connection between you and our designer furniture pieces, we only use consciously-selected materials for the manufacturing of our furniture collection. Our high-quality designer furniture range will provide long-lasting value to your home, ensuring that our furniture will a thoughtful pairing for your Lagom space.

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Louw Roets designer furniture is manufactured around the ethos that anything worthwhile takes time to build. Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted in a slow and sustainable manufacturing process. This boutique process ensures that excessive consumerism is avoided, that each piece is of the highest quality, and that environmental consciousness is upheld. The authentic design and exceptional quality of the materials and craftsmanship of each Louw Roets designer furniture piece will add a tough of Lagom luxury to your home.

Intertwine the balance and beauty of Swedish Lagom into your home with Louw Roets designer furniture.