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Rigid fluidity I


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Material: solid ash wood
Method: steam bending

It’s about our perceptions on life.
It’s how we find our way through life by ourselves & together with others.
It’s about what you make this life to be.
It’s about doing something your way based on your experiences & methods.
Rigidity is a quality found in people, situations & objects that don’t bend. The same way we get told by others you can’t make it, you are not capable, you cannot change the situation, this is the status quo.

I absolutely detest it when others project their fears onto me or others.

Just because you are scared to take a chance on the unknown… Just because you can’t overcome your fears… Just because you don’t want to follow your dreams…don’t try and persuade me to be a member of your tribe.

How many creatives and entrepreneurs are making it every day? Ja, it’s hard sometimes, overwhelming, challenging – of course! Is it worth it? Absolutely!!! Fluidity is the quality of a substance to flow. Solid wood is perceived as hard & rigid, not something you can break with your own power but just add a bit of steam and you will be able to bend it almost into any direction.

Next time add a little bit more love, a little bit more understanding, a little more patience & people & situations will open up to you.