Doko is derived from the Japanese word, ‘Doko demo’ (どこでも) which translates to ‘anywhere’. The Doko chair is simplistic in nature and refined to an absolute minimum so that only the essential elements remain without sacrificing comfort.

Referencing the values of honest craftsmanship and Japanese materiality, the Doko chair is a simplistic perspective of the archetypical bar chair. The curved solid wooden backrest integrates seamlessly with the steel frame with the seat is securely fitted to the chair frame. 

The Doko chair can easily be styled and utilised in the kitchen, at your desk or your next restaurant project!

Product information

chair volume W480mm x D480mm x H900mm
seat height 650mm or 750mm from the ground
seat depth 420mm
seat width 400mm
weight 9 kg
materials steel, solid wood or leather
box size W640mm x D530mm x H1050mm,
fits 1 chairs.

Cleaning instructions

Use a damp clean cloth to dust regularly. Do not use abrasive, silicon or oil-based cleaners. Blot spills immediately to avoid moisture, penetrating the wood.

Dust regularly and wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Dry off immediately to avoid marks. Do not use any harsh chemicals, abrasive powders, metallic scourers, silver or brass cleaners. If residue starts to leave marks apply wax polish regularly to shine. Frame is not rust proof. Clean more regularly at the coast, as sea salts build up and could cause corrosion.

Occasionally wipe with a soft, damp cloth to avoid accumulation of dust which can act as a corrosive and damage the leather. Do not expose to direct sunlight or consistent UV light as discolouration and fading will result. Blot spills immediately with an absorbent cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents. Do not use artificial heat or harsh sunlight to dry leather furniture, as this will cause the leather to become dry and crack. Professional cleaning is recommended.


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