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Inspired by French louver doors & the contemporary classical music of Ludovico Einaudi is how the curve sideboard came into existence.
The Curved sideboard is an exploration of the exceptional characteristics of wood, which combines the age-old steam bending method while only utilising traditional joinery to produce a timeless piece with beautifully curved lines. The natural flowing lines merge together to create a serene & tranquil environment mimicking how the ocean breathes wave upon wave. As the calming white noise of the ocean, the subtle sculptural element makes just enough sound to draw your attention.

* Custom sizes available on request.

* Timber stain colours available on request.

2 doors
(L)120 x (D)47 x (H)75 cm

3 doors
(L)180 x (D)47 x (H)75 cm

4 doors
(L)240 x (D)47 x (H)75 cm

    Solid timber
    Steel legs





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