The long-awaited arrival of summer is just around the corner, and with that arises opportunities for spending more time in the sunshine, enjoying time with friends and family, and exploring your area. One of the best ways to spend a long summer day is to go wining and dining in the Winelands. We have highlighted our favourite wine farms for sipping, strolling, and soaking up the moment. Bring your curated wine and artisan food products home to continue the summer festivities with Louw Roets designer furniture.



We have highlighted the five must-visit Cape wine farms for summer days of wining and dining with friends and family.


Vergelegen is an extraordinary wine farm with a rich history. Vergelegen was established in 1700 and the historical influence the wine farm has experienced over the last 300 years is celebrated. Not only do you get to visit a beautiful wine farm, but you also get to experience a piece of history.

The layers of history at Vergelegen are present in the subtle layering of flavours in Vergelegen wine. An acclaimed assortment of white wines, red wines, rose and sparkling wines allows for a tantalising experience no matter your wine preference. You can also enjoy the true wine experience with the cellar and vineyard tour where you can learn about the Vergelegen wine process within pristinely preserved French architecture.

Nothing goes better with Vergelegen wine than an assortment of delectable dining experiences. Whether you are in the mood for a romantic picnic in a Camphor forest, a selection of seasonally inspired dishes at the River Café, or to spend time with family in a glorious setting at the Stable Restaurant, Vergelegen has all your summertime dining desires.

Vergelegen, which translates to “situated far away”, eludes to the idyllic location of this wine farm estate. The expanse of the estate paired with the immaculate gardens allows you to wander freely and appreciate the beauty of refined nature. This ethereal wine farm estate is positioned “far away” enough to allow for you to feel as if you have gone on holiday for the day while being located in the quickly accessible Lourensford Road, Somerset West.

Vergelegen is a must-visit this summer for an unforgettable experience learning about the history of the estate in the Exhibition Corridor, sipping on wine while admiring the view of the Helderberg mountains, and dining in the prestigious restaurants.



Lourensford is a bouquet of beautiful gardens, piquant wines, and relaxed dining experiences. Lourensford shines during all the seasons, but the summertime is truly the best time of the year to take in the spectacular Lourensford setting. The mixture of people, location, and history is the hallmark of the Somerset West-based Lourensford.

The Millhouse Kitchen at Lourensford is simple, delicious, and homely. The Millhouse Kitchen is dedicated to providing an experience of comfort, fresh seasonal produce, and passion, all while you sit back with your friends or family. Embark on a culinary journey as you enjoy French and Italian-inspired food at The Millhouse Kitchen.

The climate and location of Lourensford allow for the production of remarkable wines. From shiraz to viognier to durif, you are sure to find a Lourensford wine that will be making its way home with you. The clinking of glasses and joyful exclaims of “cheers” is a common occurrence at the Lourensford wine tasting.

The anticipated weekly Lourensford Market is a true display of lively summertime festivities. Music, food, wine, and South African culture are displayed under the twinkling lights of the Lourensford Market, making this space a fantastic way to bring on the weekend with your loved ones.


Babylonstoren is the ideal summer destination for a day of nature, delicious food, and wonderful wines. Babylonstoren enables wholesome experiences of walking around the diverse gardens, treating yourself to a pampering session with friends at the Farm Spa, or relaxing with a glass of wine.

Babylonstoren wine encapsulates the glorious settings. Whilst seated in the Babylonstoren Tasting Room, you can sit in awe of the surrounding Simonsberg and Banghoek Mountains whilst swirling and sipping a selection of locally produced wine.

Babylonstoren, the quintessential summer experience, is located in the Franschhoek wine valley which is an easy drive from Cape Town. Extend your wine drinking late into the night by staying at any of the fine accommodation units nestled into the gorgeous expanse of Babylonstoren.

Babylonstoren is renowned for the dining experience at Babel Restaurant. A cowshed is transformed into a modern space with large glass windows that blur the lines between indoors and the natural location. The venerable heritage of Cape Dutch architecture is proudly highlighted at the Babel Restaurant. Indulge in contemporary dishes within an architectural piece of Babylonstoren’s history at the Babel Restaurant.

Babylonstoren invites you to spend an amorous afternoon walking in amongst the citrus trees or lounging on the chamomile lawn under the sunshine. The intimate design of the unique natural spaces in Babylonstoren invites you to explore in carefree merriment. Cool off from the dry summer heat by sitting beneath the established trees, walking along the river hidden in a blanket of cool shade, or splashing your feet in the cool Cape Dutch-tiled water features.

The perfect end to a sun-soaked day at Babylonstoren is perusing the farm stall and selecting a range of artisan cheeses and fruits and vegetables that are grown on the farm, all while indulging in one of the famous Babylonstoren ice-creams. Curate a collection of artisan snacks to take home and continue the enjoyment of Babylonstoren.



Tokara is a breath-taking summertime space for wining, dining, and art appreciation. Located in the picturesque Stellenbosch, Tokara boasts views that expand from the fynbos-covered Simonsberg Mountain to False Bay and Table Mountain. Tokara is a true Cape Winelands experience with a peppering of sophistication and serenity.

The Tokara location bodes for exceptional wines with unique flavour profiles and perfumes. Before entering the wine tasting room, you walk through the Tokara art gallery. The outstanding display of local talent adequately sets the stage for the Tokara wine tasting experience.

The Tokara Delicatessen is a gregarious space that invites conversation about the surrounding wine farm you can admire through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Sophistication is paired with a comfortable atmosphere in the Delicatessen. After eating the glorious food, you can purchase a range of artisan Tokara products from the Delicatessen to take home. There is also a space for children to play, making Tokara the ideal dining spot for luxurious family days.

Adjacent to the Tokara Delicatessen is the Tokara Sculpture Garden. The virtuosity of the revered artists captures the superb settings of Tokara in each sculpture, inviting you to walk around the space with alacrity or pause in quiet contemplation. The wining, dining, and art experience at Tokara is a feast for the soul in the summertime.


Cavalli offers a wining and dining experience that is dipped in sophistication. Cavalli is at the heart of the Golden Triangle, a location in Stellenbosch that signifies wine of an exceptional standard. The pairing of the exquisite setting with the prestige of Cavalli makes for the perfect space for spending time during the summer.

Cavalli provides a unique wine tasting experience in an underground wine tasting room. The perfect way to elude the midday heat of the summer, you can slip into the chilled moody space of the Cavalli tasting room. Racks of wine, equestrian art, and an adjacent art gallery create the perfect ambiance for appreciating the Cavalli wine.

Cavalli offers a fresh dining experience. An evolving menu promises continuous change and sensational experiences. The Cavalli seven-course set menu, designed by Chef Lucas Carstens, will tingle your tastebuds with the freshest and finest produce of the seasons. The Cavalli dining experience, perfectly paired with Cavalli wines, is the perfect summertime treat.

Cavalli demonstrates awe and appreciation for the surrounding through its dedicated rehabilitation of the land. The planting of a wide variety of plants not only makes the Cavalli gardens a glorious space to enjoy, but the garden also attracts a wide range of local birds, making Cavalli a birder’s delight. Nothing sings summertime in a sweeter melody than a walk in the sunshine around Cavalli’s gardens.

The summertime is often filled with events and parties that allow for celebrations to carry on well after the sun has set. Cavalli offers excellent function spaces for you to host the event of the summer. A fully handled event, the Cavalli setting, and your special occasion make Cavalli the perfect summer space for a party.


Spend the day wining and dining in the meritorious Cape Winelands and then return to your home oasis to continue the summertime gaiety. A day enjoying the finest South African wine farms is completed when you continue the experience with your locally produced Louw Roets designer furniture. Louw Roets designer furniture is ideally crafted for moments spent with friends and family after a day at wine farms, spending time sipping on chilled glasses of chardonnay, and making indissoluble memories.

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The Louw Roets designer furniture chairs are designed to be lightweight and functional, allowing you to move them around your home to create spaces for enjoying your collection of wine or artisan products from your wine farm visits.

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Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted with the same artisan approach that winemakers and chefs take to crafting glorious wining and dining experiences. Louw Roets designer furniture is a coalesce of craftsmanship, quality materials, and dedicated passion.

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Spend this summer wining and dining in the Cape Winelands and come home to continue the experience with Louw Roets designer furniture.