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Authenticity – The Heart Of Our Designer Funiture


Authenticity is at the heart of it all. This, according to our founder, Louw Roets, is what makes our designer furniture so unique. Each creation encapsulates the thought and sacrifice that goes on behind the scenes, which results in the truly inspired pieces found in our diverse range of offerings. In just a few minutes of reading, get to know more about our company and our values, which are reflected candidly in every single design we send out into the world.


Designer furniture for the discerned individual


In an age of mass consumption, it is easy to get caught up in the rat race to which we have become accustomed. Where instant gratification has become the norm, many are reluctant to share a tear or care for our fellow humans as well as the environment which nurtures us all. “But what does this have to do with furniture?” you may ask. Our founder uses the venerable saying, “anything worthwhile takes time to build,” to make sense of where our furniture fits into this unprecedented age.



For example, take raw pieces of timber and combine them with various machines and hours of work by hand – and you will be left with one incredibly unique Louw Roets chair. This extensive affair does not even include the grading, wood selection, surfacing, planning, cutting of parts and shaping. Next comes the making of joints, gluing and second gluing, drawn-out sanding processes, preparation, treating, quality checking, packing and finally – delivering.


Due to the influx of low-quality and disingenuous designer furniture produced in mass and imported from places like Vietnam, Bali and China – the fine and genuine craftsmanship of recognised furniture companies loses its merit. This complication creates an illusion of price and value that is on all accounts untrue. This furniture is cheaper since there have been no cost considerations for research and development, staff-enrichment or the building of new skills, or methods that ensure the productions are environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, the use of inferior mass producing processes and components leads to the creation of furniture that does not stand the test of time. Such is the case with many profit-obsessed furniture companies that neglect community and balance – which in turn only serves only those on the top of the hierarchy.


On the contrary, we at Louw Roets create our designer furniture with compassion at the forefront, ensuring that no one gets left behind or unappreciated. Fine craftsmanship takes a team effort, and a team is only as strong as its weakest member. It therefore makes sense that we continuously endeavour to preserve a human-oriented approach to design. There is much more to designer furniture than simply aesthetics. Each piece of furniture depicts the tale of those who created it – reflected in the manufacturing process of choice as well as how it impacts the environment.


The notion of producing furniture with the sole intention of “pulling off a look” is not viable when it comes to truly worthwhile pieces. This profit-centred approach does not align with our values at Louw Roets. For us, a piece of furniture must encapsulate the chronicle of a group of individuals who banded together in order to accomplish an incredible feat of design while at the same time extending a caring hand to their community and environment.


The faces behind designer furniture


“I believe that every human being has the capability to rise to the occasion,” says our founder. Although everyone is certainly not afforded the same privileges, we all have the capacity to rise to the occasion via the exploration of multiple perspectives and possibilities. As our founder, Louw strives to build up the faces behind our designer furniture, who make the success of our company a reality. Design is all about people and our environment. Louw’s years studying industrial design, grasping various manufacturing processes as well as materials and systems lead him to form this opinion.


For Louw, the question he asks himself is how exactly he will write the wonderful and genuine tale of artisan furniture and those who made it possible, and who will help him do so. Each story should reflect the determination and resilience of the human spirit despite all odds being stacked against them – as is often the unfortunate case in our country. Considering this story so far, the notion of imitating the earnest work of others in order to make a profit is simply inconceivable. Louw insists that designer furniture and its creation must be in sync with the environmental context in which it is created, in order to add veracious value to buyers.


You can rest easy knowing that when you choose to buy the finely-crafted designer furniture produced at the hands of our valued artisans, you will be adding more than just a “piece of furniture” to your space. You are actually backing the future of South African furniture one piece at a time. You are investing in the notion that expert craftsmanship and traditional furniture design technique will be passed on to the next generation – thus joining our legacy.


Getting familiar with our designer furniture


Louw Roets offers a diverse range of designer furniture, and in the same way that we all have our own distinctive fingerprints, so are our pieces completely unique. The wood and leather we utilise in our creations are natural materials of the earth and its animal inhabitants. For this reason, there will always be variations in our pieces that further promote their originality. Even timber of the same species can differ significantly in texture, grain and colour.



We do not consider shallow surface cracks and knots in timber to be flaws, in the same way that we do not believe scratches, branding iron and insect bites on leather to be defects. In keeping with the Japanese traditional aesthetic of wabi-sabi (侘寂), we recognise the beauty in imperfections – especially in our natural materials. Each finished piece of artisan furniture thus pays homage to nature’s small imperfections, and is always enhanced aesthetically by these deviations. So without further ado, here are some of our enthralling creations that showcase our company’s values of human-oriented storytelling, environmental sustainability and above all – dedication to fine craftsmanship:


The Ori chair



The beautifully corded Ori chair certainly adheres to its namesake, the Japanese word “Oru” (織る) which translates to “woven”. The Ori chair is the meeting point of minimalist Japanese aesthetic, European chair construction methods as well as African boldness. The result is an organically contoured and gorgeously woven seat that has come to grace the homes and businesses of many discerned individuals. The chair’s construction includes multiple layers of cultures which are woven together to make a statement about the digital age in which we live.


The Tusk Occasional Armchair



Inspired by one of the world’s most striking species, the African elephant, the Tusk chair is a modern revision of what society has come to know as the “traditional wooden armchair.” Tried-and-tested joinery techniques amalgamated with meticulous handcraft have resulted in an prominent and ageless design in this piece. High-quality and genuine leather is used to fully upholster both the seat and backrest, coming together to showcase an interesting and rather traditional buttoning technique. This technique pulls off a noticeable “dimpling” effect that immediately draws the eye and makes one wish to plant their bottom on this comfortable creation.


The armrests have been positioned and sculpted in a way to ensure as much ergonomic comfort as possible, with special attention to providing a pleasant seating experience.



The Nautilus pendant



Step out into nature and have a look at the organic and flowing lines that surround you. This is the space from which the Nautilus pendant draws its artistry. This inventive piece is created through a unique process which involves the careful bending and sanding of solid wood to create the recognisably biotic shell form. In order to create a sturdy yet lightweight structure, wooden fins are connected at the top and bottom of the piece. The Nautilus pendant is a classy addition to any space, and several pieces can be arranged in a variety of creative ways to enhance your home.


The Jardine chair



The elegance and simplicity of the Jardine chair makes it an excellent addition to almost any contemporary space. Crafted with special attention paid to creating subtle organic forms, this piece’s lightweight wood construction and round edges showcase compelling design. The curved backrest offers ergonomic support and ultimate comfort. Your very own Jardine chair can be crafted in a plethora of different materials, you need only choose what your heart desires.



The Pareto table



If you have ever wondered what the result of a combination between simplicity, practicality and versatility would be, wonder no more. This is precisely how our Pareto table is created. The table inspired by the renowned Vilfredo Pareto – who discovered the 80/20 rule which details that 80 percent of your results can be attributed to 20 percent of your efforts. In other words, this rule which is also referred to as the “law of the vital few” argues that for many potential outcomes, around 80 percent of consequences stem from 20 percent of the causes. Regardless, the Pareto table is capable of donning several hats. Is it a dining table, a study table or a creation station? Only you can decide.


Distinctively adaptable in its image, the fact that this table breathes an air of simplicity means that it cannot dominate a space, only augment and enhance it. The top table piece sits atop a smooth, wooden frame supported by tapered legs. Because the creation’s frame is so lightweight, it can be moved around with ease, and it is unlikely that anyone who attempts to do so shall put their back out.



The Society bench



Forming an invaluable part of the Society range, which is a collection of solid wood furniture perfect for everyday living, this organically constructed bench is both flexible and elegant. Woven from top-notch cord, the material is both stretch and UV resistant – meaning it will be long lasting in your space. In the same light, the bench will fare well in the bustling hospitality scene as well.



The Paplepel floor lamp



As they say, a sceptre is one thing, and a ladle another. The paplepel, meaning wooden ladle, is something with which anyone who has ever spent time in a kitchen is familiar. The Paplepel lamp is inspired by African culture and references European influence. It stands quietly and saliently wherever you place it, shedding a magnificent light wherever you direct it. Do not worry about this bold piece toppling over – as the weight of the steel base will hold it steady while it shines beautifully in your space.




The Stellar Table


The terms “outstanding,” “celestial,” and “astrological” all come into mind when one is confronted with the word “stellar.” One thing is for sure, however, our Stellar table encompasses all of the above. This attention-grabbing creation will undoubtedly serve as an attention piece in your space. With its sleek top and organically-shaped legs, it is certainly a conversation starter.


Even though there are various sizing options, the round table-top is 32mm thick, and due to its centrally located leg structure, there is no one around whose own legs will not fit perfectly underneath them as they take a seat at this gorgeous table. The piece’s rounded edges are also gentle on the forearms, making for an incredibly pleasant dining or meeting experience.


The Split table



One of our most sought-after pieces of designer furniture is the Split table – created with both clean, contemporary design and sculptural elements on the mind. The concept that resulted in this table’s unique sculpture is in fact the anatomy of a mammal. Two pairs of legs meet a spine, with ribs in place to provide extra support. The long side of the table showcases a right-angled edge, known as a chamfer, which adds further to its contemporary refinement. The piece is available in several finishes and sizes, the later ranging from a 6-seater to a 14-seater to accommodate your space.