Society dining table

R 9,800

The Society table range is an exclusive table series in solid wood, created for everyday living and is perfect as the gathering point for any home where family members, friends and guests meet. What distinguishes the Society table range is the solid yet light design, which is a perfect example of Louw Roets’ approach with its simple lines and sparse form. The organic and natural construction of the table gives it both and elegant look and flexible functionality. The Society table is available in a variety of sizes and wood types.

Solid wood

4 seater
(L)1000mm x (W)1000mm x (H)750mm

6 seater
(L)1800mm x (W)900mm x (H)750mm

8 seater
L)2400mm x (W)900mm x (H)750mm

10 seater
(L)3000mm x (W)900mm x (H)750mm

* custom sizes available on request.

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