Jardine table

R 8,500

The Jardine table expresses clean simplicity, with subtle organic forms to create an easy going functional table. The elegant simplicity of the Jardine table makes it an ideal fit for contemporary interiors.

The lightweight wood construction has a warm, human feel, with rounded edges throughout making it the perfect dining table.

The Jardine table is available in three types of natural timbers, ash, oak and walnut.

Standard lead time is 6-8 weeks


  • Solid wood

4 seater
L1000mm x W1000mm x H750mm

6 seater
L1800mm x W900mm x H750mm

8 seater
L2400mm x W900mm x H750mm

10 seater
L3000mm x W900mm x H750mm

* custom sizes available on request.

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