Nature inspires a sense of awe, bliss, and serenity within us. To imbue nature into your home through meaningful natural touches is to create a home space that is balanced with beauty, tranquillity, and comfort. We have created a guide on how to transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary by bringing nature indoors with Louw Roets designer furniture and other natural touches.



To experience nature is to allow yourself to be present in the simplistic pleasures of the natural world. Whether you are allowing the golden sun rays to drench your skin in warmth, are winding your way through a hushed and lofty forest, or are placing your bare feet on fresh grass covered in morning dew, you walk away from moments in nature feeling refreshed and seeped with serenity.

Nature sparks an emotional response within us. Experiences with nature sweep aside the rush and absorbing chaos of daily life and instead instils within us a sense of wellbeing, rejuvenation, and tranquillity. Nature allows for the balance of calmness and vitality in a beautiful, intriguing, and inspiring way. By inviting nature indoors, you transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and simple pleasure.

A simple way to capture the experiences of nature in your daily life is to incorporate natural elements into your home.


We have created a simple guide on how to incorporate the balance of serenity and soothing vitality of nature within your home with these various natural elements.


Louw Roets designer furniture seamlessly integrates nature into your home through a celebration of natural materials, organic lines, and comfortable beauty. Embedding nature into your home is easily achieved with the simple purity of Louw Roets designer furniture.

Louw Roets designer furniture is composed of solid wood, a natural material that allows for the balance of nature within your home. In Louw Roets designer furniture, every unique spectrum of the wood grains and characteristics is highlighted and allowed to graciously glow. The Louw Roets wooden designer furniture comes in an array of natural tones to provide a natural balance of beauty and warmth to your home.

The form of each Louw Roets designer furniture piece is crafted for comfort and quality. The use of natural materials that are crafted to follow organic lines ensures that every Louw Roets furniture piece you incorporate into your home is both elegant and has a natural design of pleasurable functionality. In every Louw Roets chair, table, and lighting, you can find elements of organic movement and nature in the form.

Louw Roets has a select range of designer furniture that are individually designed to be subtle statement pieces that invite you to enjoy using them within your home. For example, the Jardine Chair has sweeping armrests which allow you to sit back and soak up your peaceful home, and the gentle movement of the Oval Stellar Table invites you to spend time appreciating the flow of nature within your home.


Nature is a careful combination of practicality and beauty, and this is the essence of Louw Roets’ designer furniture. Your home can incorporate the warm tones, ebbing flow, and striking simplicity of nature into your home with Louw Roets designer furniture. Louw Roets designer furniture allows you to create a natural getaway within the comforts of your home.


A simple and elegant way to blend the liveliness and brilliance of nature into your home is to incorporate living plants into various spaces. Bringing living plants into your home allows you to experience the wonders of growth, movement, and continuous change that symbolise nature from within the walls of your home.

Embrace nature indoors by scattering an array of indoor plants around the various spaces of your home. You can include subtle touches of colour in your bathroom with Orchids, whimsical movement in your bedroom with delicious monsters, or gorgeous potted succulents dotted around your lounge.

You can bring nature indoors by creating a vertical garden as a feature wall in a prominent room in your home. You can select a range of indoor plants that vary in colour, size, and texture to evoke an experience of awe every time you walk into the room. A vertical garden wall in your home will add a refreshing experience to your tranquil oasis.


Allow the different seasons to shine within your home by having vases of fresh flowers brimming with seasonal flowers. Fresh flowers will gently add colour, life, and happiness to your home and beautifully balance the indoors with the outdoors.


Nature demonstrates how functionality can be inspiring. You can bring nature indoors by having a selection of potted herbs in your kitchen. The herbs will add vibrancy and practicality in a way that echoes nature.


Bask in the glow of nature by inviting natural light to beam into every corner of your home. Natural lighting will highlight the beauty of your home and instil a sense of peace in your sanctuary. Having natural lighting fill your home creates a deeper connection between your indoor space and the natural world.

Nature often invites you to sit back and watch all the beauty that is around you. Blur the separation between indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating large windows into your home from which you can gaze out and enjoy the natural scenes.


Select curtains made from a diaphanous material to allow for the pale hues of morning sunlight, the golden rays at midday, and the pink tones of twilight to bounce around your space. By bringing nature indoors through natural lighting, you allow your home to be doused in bright bliss.

One way to incorporate more natural light into your home is through skylights. Skylights allow you to tilt your head back to watch in awe as clouds slink along the sky or to be mesmerised by the iridescent shimmer of the stars.

Increasing your natural lighting reduces your need for excessive lighting. Rather than needing a plethora of lamps or downlights to brighten your space, you can instead select statement lighting fixtures that further incorporate nature into your home. Louw Roets offers the Nautilus Pendant, which is inspired by the flowing movement of nature, as a statement light feature.


Nature praises an assortment of textures that embeds intrigue and beauty into every natural setting. A careful selection of natural materials for finishing touches in your home can mirror the beautiful textural array of nature.

For your kitchen and bathroom, you can select between a glorious array of stones for natural finishing touches. Marbles with subtle veining for your countertops, slate tiles with matt textures for your kitchen floor, and glossy stone tiles for your backsplash and walls can be the ideal way to blend nature indoors with natural materials.

A simple way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your home through materials is to select natural fibres for your soft furnishings. When selecting materials for your cushion covers, couch throws, bedroom linen, and curtains, opt for natural materials such as cotton, linen, or hemp.


The flooring you select for your home will set the stylistic tone of the space. A simple way to incorporate nature into your home is to select natural materials for your flooring. Natural flooring embeds the experience of nature into both the visual and physical interactions with your home.

Throughout your home, you can opt for solid wood floors. Wooden floors add warmth to your home, highlight the varying hues in nature, and will be the perfect backdrop to your wooden Louw Roets designer furniture. In your bathrooms, you can select a range of natural stone tiles for the flooring. Using natural flooring throughout your home provides your home with a thriving continuity of bringing nature indoors.



Nature allows you to select between a wide range of colour palettes for your natural colour scheme in your home. Whether you want to capture the boldness of nature by incorporating pops of sunflower yellows or desert oranges or highlight the calm serenity of nature with forest greens or hues of blues, a nature-inspired colour palette allows for you to create your ideal version of bringing nature indoors.


You can bring nature indoors by having a collection of music that evokes experiences of nature. Nature produces a range of mystical melodies, like the sound of scattering rain, rolling waves, or wind whispering past trees, that can be incorporated into your home through a playlist that you have gently playing in the background.


Art is another way to capture the essence of nature and bring beautiful natural settings indoors. You can curate a collection of large landscape paintings or ethereal sculptures which capture the serenity of nature to bring nature into your home.

By bringing nature indoors with art, you are highlighting the creative beauty of nature. Louw Roets has created Rigid Fluidity and Ikigai Sculpture, which are two artworks that use wood as the natural medium and can be incorporated into your home to intertwine the beauty of nature within your peaceful space.



Nature delights the senses with bursts of fragrances. Whether you are inspired and refreshed by the smell of mowed grass, soil after a storm, or fresh flowers, you can bring nature indoors with carefully selected scents. Use either scented candles or oil burners to light when you walk through the door and allow your home to be filled with relaxing scents of nature.


Images of nature can create a natural atmosphere throughout your home. There is a range of wallpaper options that celebrate the beauty of nature that you can incorporate into your home. You can create an accent wall in your lounge or bedroom with wallpaper depicting a misty forest, a golden sunset over an ocean, or rolling mountains dotted with wildflowers. You can also design a bespoke wallpaper that captures your experience of nature to bring nature indoors into your home.



Louw Roets designer furniture is crafted by artisans who specialise in creating furniture that balances both comfort and beauty. The timeless quality of Louw Roets furniture will continuously bring a natural touch to your home.

In the same way a tree does not reach soaring heights overnight, Louw Roets designer furniture does not reach the level of perfection through fast production. Louw Roets ensures that each furniture piece receives the time, attention, and care it needs to be formed into functional art.

Louw Roets furniture highlights the importance of craftsmanship. You will discover the beauty of traditional joinery that has been balanced with simple modernity in Louw Roets furniture. Every day will be a memorable experience when you incorporate the comfort, quality, and natural beauty of Louw Roets designer furniture into your home.

Louw Roets has a furniture showroom which you can visit to explore the various furniture pieces. You can discuss your inspiration for embedding nature into your home and one of the showroom attendants will offer any advice on suitable furniture pieces, wood tones, or textiles.

Bring nature indoors with Louw Roets designer furniture and other beautiful natural elements.