Get Cozy Around Our New Pareto Table This Fall

The latest edition to our range, the Pareto table, is designed to ergonomically compliment your cozy rainy-day-gatherings. Be it a simple game of scrabble with the family, or your guests sharing their travel experiences over a cup of your house brew, it creates a comfortable setting for moments like these.

The sleek, light-weight structure, along with the warmth of wood, makes this piece aesthetically dynamic. The top can be crafted according to your preference, from either Oak or Ash. The frame and top colour can be customised on request.

Stylistically, it is simplistic in it's composition and allows for a vast array of accompanying decorative elements, so you are still free to apply the untapped regions of your imagination when styling your space.

We welcome you to visit our showroom, peruse our new creations and gain an understanding of what it is we do. Our furniture yearns for your caress. :|

Warm regards,
Louw Roets

P.S. Expect a few newcomers to the Pareto family in the near future.


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